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Help with KS4 Design Technology qualifications

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Gail101200, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Gail101200

    Gail101200 New commenter

    Hello I am after some ideas and help if possible, my school has over the last 3 years cut the time available for KS3 and KS4 design Technology lessons. The new timetable for 2015-2016 is now down to one 45 min lesson every other week. However I have been told that KS4 must still go away with a qualification. This works out to be 14 hrs per academic year. They have suggested that I start GCSE's at the beginning of year 9.

    Any ideas about what I can do would be gratefully received as everything I have looked at require a lot more time.
  2. DionysusTeacher

    DionysusTeacher New commenter

    Which DT Course are you teaching (RMT, Product Design, Graphic Products, Textiles) and what board? (AQA, Etc) What about lunch times and after school sessions nearer the deadline to complete the coursework?
  3. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    Is this as low as our beloved subject can go?
  4. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    This is just nonsense .

    Do NOT under any circumstances prop up your inept SMT by offering out of hours lessons

    If they want a certificated course then they need to provide adequate teaching time

    If they insist, then tell them you want to do this


    it will only cost them £190 per student

    or just generate your own with this


    and charge the school a "bargain" £100 per student

    In the meantime look for another job, as D&T is just regarded as a"filler" at your place and will soon disappear completely
  5. Gail101200

    Gail101200 New commenter

    Last year i did AQA short course, but that is only 1/2 a GCSE
  6. re

    re New commenter

    I know of no qualification that can be taught in that short a time. Plus the fact that they will forget everything you teach them by the time they come back to you in a fortnight's time. This is an impossible ask from your SLT and they need to be told so.
  7. katmasters4

    katmasters4 New commenter

    teachers in Lincolnshire are coming together to meet at the National Centre for Craft and Design to share resources and ideas. The centre is working with teachers to provide free/cost effective teacher CPD and student workshops to help with the demands of the new curriculum. For their year ahead programme but if you want to talk to someone in learning the contact email is learning@nationalcraftanddesign.org.uk
    Hope this is of some help.
    Florence30 likes this.
  8. heidiyoung86

    heidiyoung86 New commenter

    This is rubbish, DT requires more hours than almost all other at GCSE, not less! English in particular can afford to be cut, they actually have very little to teach after year 9 and are just honing skills they have been learning since primary school.

    You need to look for another job, but I appreciate you have to live with the situation in the mean time. If you must work to a qualification, I'd definitely suggest something other than a GCSE. Think carefully about how much they will learn - that it much more important than what they have to prove it at the end.

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