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help with KS3 national curriculum PLEASE HELP I can't find a list of learning objectives.

Discussion in 'Science' started by nporch, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am writing as a new teacher to the English system. I've taught in Scotland but that runs in a different way. I'm trying to develop SOW's for KS3 science.

    Can someone tell me how I find a list of learning objectives for KS3 science please.

    I am going round in circles with the various websites and archives from the English government (whichever one was in at the time).

    The nearest I have to a list of objectives are paragraphs describing 5 main streams including HSW, split into levels from 3-outstanding. Is this it? Is it supposed to be this vague? If so, thats fine, but please someone tell me thats all there is.

    Please, please help, I am going nuts trying to figure this out.


  2. Currently, this is the National Curriculum Programme of Study and until the new National Curriculum is released, this is still statutory :
    These are the QCA scemes of work (not statutory) from a few moons ago. They're based on the National Curriculum so still cover it, but are a bit dry.
    And yes, the National Curriculm is a tad vague - but we live in hope - Welcome to England! ;-)


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