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Help with interview questions in RC school

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Faldamir12, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Is the school you are applying to also Catholic? This may have some impact on the sort of questions they will ask. I will put some up once I know =)
  2. Yeah it is.
  3. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Drawing upon my recent interview in a Catholic school for the post of RE teacher the following questions come to mind....

    What makes a school Catholic?
    Do you think war is ever justified?
    What would you do if a child came in to your classroom and said 'I hate RE' (my response to this was to congratulate them on having an opinion!)
    How do you feel about RE not being included in the English Bacc?
    Those are just a few which come to mind. Obviously things including liturgy etc will come up and the 'what makes a good teacher' questions.
    Good luck!

  4. chrisoakey

    chrisoakey Occasional commenter

    How about you ask them whether they think it is ethical to take state funds but discriminate against teachers like me who are not Catholic but could easily teach the curriculum they offer?
    Teachers should not be discriminated against on grounds of religion IMHO
  5. If you don't have Catholic children and you don't have Catholic teachers, then pretty soon you don't have a Catholic school.
    Better to discriminate against non-Catholic teachers. Then you can admit more non-Catholic or marginally Catholic children whilst still keeping the school a place Catholic parents want to send their children.

  6. chrisoakey

    chrisoakey Occasional commenter

    It is still discrimination on the grounds of religion. Why should RE teachers who are teaching be discriminated against on the grounds of religion? Why should Catholic parents have their own schools unless they fund them or their church does?
    As a taxpayer I contribute to a system which discriminates against me as I am not a Catholic. I have trained many students who have gone on to earn more than me at a RC school within a few years even though they are Heads of Subject doing the same job. This is due to Heads of RE being paid more in RC schools than in non-RC schools.
    Out of place in the 21st century. If religious groups want to discriminate so that they can keep their own curriculum they should fund it totally themselves.
    Turn a blind eye to this discrimination if you choose to...but don't attempt to justify unfairness.

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