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help with Interview questions for an EYFS teacher

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Louise_Bates, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am applying for posts as an EYFS teacher and was wondering are there specific questions asked at an EYFS interview or are they just the usual general ones? Would appreciate any guidance on this,

    Thanks Louise

  2. Hi Louise,
    When I went for a nursery teacher position in a school I was asked roughly about 10 questions.
    These were on planning and assessment, provision, safeguarding, working with other staff members, my experience as a preschool teacher, my lesson which was observed, identifying learning in schemas.
    The safeguarding looked at fingerprint entry, high locks on gates, child only leaving building with authorised person & what to do in extreme circumstances. I also mentioned about safeguarding within the building and the staff.
    The identifying learning section was a part of the interview in it's own right. Then we discussed it during the formal interview.
    Hope they are able to direct your thoughts!
    Oh, and good luck!
  3. You could be asked questions like are you aware of the new EYFS. If you are going to be the lead you could be asked how you will make the changes needed for September.

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