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Help with interview presentation: Differences between EY-KS1 and KS3/4 science teaching

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by ClickBiology, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. I have an interview for my dream job next week as a teaching training lecturer and have a presentation on the following topic:
    "Describe the differences you would expect to see between the teaching of Science at the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 and the approaches to teaching Science at KS3/4"
    I would be interested in the thoughts of secondary teachers on what they think the differences are. It would be nice to amalgamate responses to make a Wordle image to compare with similar responses from primary teachers. It would also be useful to know if you taught in private or state sector schools and at what level.
    (anyone else also up for the same job...don't nick my idea!)
    I would be really grateful for your help and lots of thanks,

  2. Hello? Anyone?
    Would be quite interested in finding out your general perceptions of what a secondary teacher thinks primary science is like and whether the transition between levels is as we would want. Do they have the skills? Knowledge? Are there weak areas? Do you work closely with local primary schools?

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