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Help with interview lesson, cross curricular ICT and literacy

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mbc11, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hello, I posted a couple of weeks ago about the permanent post being advertised for the job which I am currently doing on a temporary basis. I was asking for advice about how ICT could be used to raise attainment as this was a question last time and after the interview I was told my answer wasn't great to that question.

    I have now been shortlisted for the position and the lesson observation focus is 'To deliver a Literacy session that focuses upon using ICT to stimulate children to write.'

    The lesson is 30 minutes.

    PLEASE HELP! I love my current job and believe I am doing a good job there but I am really struggling to come up with idea's.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Just a few ideas that came to mind, I am sure you have had them too. Remember ICT covers a multitude of things not just a computer, eg voice recording and talk fo writing, playing sounds eg CD player to do with setting a mood/creating a scene. Obviously the power of ict for images as a writing stimuls. Hope this might help to spark some ideas for youi.
  3. How do you normally come up with ideas on a day to day basis when teaching your class?
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Which lessons have you done so far that have effectively used ICT to stimulate children to write? Choose one of those and adapt it.
    Given that you struggled with this last time, it may well be a reason why they've chosen it as the focus for the observed lesson on this occasion. You really need to get your head around this for yourself - especially as they will almost certainly use the lesson as a focus for further questioning in the interview.
    PS Do be careful about your apostrophes (it's ideas, not idea's) - I'm not trying to score points, merely advise where you need to ensure you iron out weaknesses.
  5. Thanks ceh54, I have used voice recording in my lessons before and the children enjoyed it. I normally don't have a problem on a day to day basis but I think because this is such an open topic and I am feeling the pressure, as I want the job on a permanent basis. Another thing that I am finding difficult is the 30 minute thing but I know this is always the case. I think I may have to go for some kind of sound clips/videos of settings maybe. I am presuming in this situcation I will be better of looking at fiction writing? Any thoughts
  6. What is your learning objective?
  7. There isn't a lesson objective as such, which is making it a more difficult taks. It simple says the lesson focus is 'To deliver a Literacy session that focuses upon using ICT to stimulate children to write'.
  8. task* even.
  9. Yes, I am aware of that. The idea is that you decide on a learning objective and then plan from that.
    Or were you just going to go in and teach any old random activity?
  10. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    pinkflipflop is right - they (quite rightly) expect you to determine your own learning objective and then plan the lesson.
  11. Oh right sorry I misunderstood I thought you were asking what they had specified, I havn't decided on one yet only opened the letter this morning and as I have basically a free choice this what I am finding tricky. I need to think about it carefully.

    I'm not sure what you are trying to do here pink flipflop, other than make me feel small.
  12. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    She's trying to get you to think like a teacher - determine a learning objective, then determine suitable activities, etc. If you simply trawl the internet looking for what has worked for other people, you're not usingthe experience you've already gained about what works best when you teach.
    The head wants to know that you can plan, prepare and teach your own lessons and demostrate that the children make progress - that has to begin with your LO.
  13. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

  14. No i think FlipFlop was being a tad rude, as with apostrophe comment. Some people just come on to find faults and make themselves feel better belittling others. Pathetic.
  15. <font size="2">What year group is it? As year 5 do a unit on film narrative. What unit of literacy are you on? and what is your current topic? There is lots of video clips on you tube on a video game called Myst (or it can be bought cheaply) which I know lots of people have used effectively to write descriptively. </font><font size="2">Say if your topic was Tudors, you could show a video clip without sound and ask children to write what they think the characters were saying or sounds (ie using the senses) they could hear. </font> .
  16. I certainly didn't feel this was constructive criticism!
  17. I have currently been using blogging for children to communicate their learning with others - also I used weebly to create a website (they could do this previously) and added a page for each pair to write information text about a rainforest animal. Itook a few lessons but they don't necessarily need to see a start to finish lesson if it is with your own class. We also use flipcams and we have digital microphones.
  18. padavid10

    padavid10 New commenter

    Getting away from all the usual forum stuff...

    What year group is it for a start? I've used some nice video clips with writing. Previously I've used the introduction of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark to build up a scene and think about what the film-makers show us in those first few scenes before we even see Indy's face. I've also used the airplane crash scene from Superman Returns for developing a complete story hill from build-up, to conflict to resolution. Both of these activities were used with Year 3.
    There is a body of evidence of games being used for children writing description based on computer games (someone here mentioned Myst, there was also a Scottish study using Guitar Hero).
    Just an idea, but perhaps straying from the idea of using ICT to give a stimulus but instead to ICT being the presentation media. Perhaps something about writing a report to be presented to camera as a newsreport. Maybe take a simple news story and turning it into an oral report for a specific audience (LO: To convey detailed information coherently for listeners; a year 4 objective).
    Happy to help any further though with ideas as I know that day-to-day teaching is very different from being given a loose overall idea for a 30 minute interview.
  19. Thanks padavid10 some nice idea's there. It is going to be 10 pupils mixed age 3/4, so some will be from my current crop in year 3. I like the news report idea but I don't think they would achieve this in 30 mins with NC levels starting at level 1?
  20. Thanks blue3 I'll have a think about your ideas, there are some good ones.

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