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Help with GCSE key terms/analysis

Discussion in 'English' started by sjones86, May 31, 2011.

  1. My year 9 classes are about to start GCSE work and I wanted to jazz up my display boards by focusing on GCSE key terms. My aim is to provide them with some additional guidance this term and into the next couple of years as well. I've got a couple of ideas already, so would be extremely grateful to get any feedback, or any suggestions people can make.
    <u>Idea One:</u>
    Key terms for analysis of the techniques/features to examine and perhaps definitions/examples
    <u>Idea Two:</u>
    Produce an example of a poem OR media/non fiction text already analysed. Text in the middle with arrows coming off with some description of what is being identified/analysed.

    We'll be starting with poetry and non-fiction texts, so may just focus on one of these to avoid confusing the students.


    Thankyou in advance!


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