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HELP with film narrative planning year 5!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Emkat_uk, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Im a graduate teacher in desperate need of some help with ideas for film narrative unit. year 5 normally do the piano but the other year 5 teachers are keen to do something different as last year the kids struggled with writing from the film.
    I have seen some ideas from the snowman but not really the right time of year. I have also seen Baboon on the moon but not sure if this is more ks1.

    Does anyone have any ideas/resources that would inspire me? or has anyone tried anything different to the piano for this unit?
  2. Hi, I did "The Lucky Dip" with year 5 and they loved it. Not sure where you'd find the clip though, we have it on DVD. It's about a little girl who goes to a beach and plays a grab machine to win a bunny. Lots of scope for emotion, protagonist, anti-hero, etc.
  3. hiya ive actually seen that on youtube and thought it was lovely. excellent for music as well. I was thinking could get them to listen to the sound track before watching.
    what writing did you do from this? Did you do a monologue of the girls thoughts/feelings?
    wonder where you could get the dvd of this as cant get youtube in school :(
  4. thanks! found some stuff on raymond briggs the snowman which was what I was thinking as a starting point and then moving on to another one of his films for the children write from e.g. the bear or now im thinking maybe the lucky dip as its so lovely - thanks

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