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help with creation story resources

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by katiekatie, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. need this for tomorrow so have put together my own and uploaded into resources. Under heading Hindu and Maori creation stories
  2. I haven't looked at your resources but wonder why your school requires you to do the Hindu creation story to pupils at this age, let alone putting a Maori story into the mix. My impression is that it could be very dense and confusing and nothing gained from it at all, without prior deep learning about Hindu beliefs.There's an impression that religious stories are easy, especially creation myths, but I find them pretty complex. I am sure you've done a great job, but there is so much else more appropriate for that age group to do in RE.
  3. The 'scheme' requires a comparison of creation stories. I'm not actually going to do that but also looking at christian and scientific to demonstrate that people have different ideas on things. i have kept it simple and do have the feeling that I'm not doing justice to people's sincere beliefs or putting the stories into context. I wish I had someone to talk through RE lessons with, other teachers in my school just follow the scheme. I'd be interested to hear what you think is more appropriate, flame108.
    thanks for the myth website link (sorry can't see your name from this page)
  4. It's really hard to say what is more appropriate without looking at your Agreed Syllabus. I would just feel instinctively that at this age, knowledge of how Hindus pray, their beliefs about God and the festivals that shape their year would make more sense than Creation stories. I just think that otherwise you don't have the framework of knowledge to make sense of the big ideas in religions' Creation stories. But this is just my personal view.
  5. thanks for taking time to reply, flame. I do feel that covering several religions in 'bits' is confusing but our syllabus is based on themes rather than religions.

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