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Help with Causes of WW2? *hopefulface*

Discussion in 'History' started by KJadamson, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    My first post on this messageboard, as I didn't even know it was here! I'm an English teacher covering for a History teacher. I will be doing an introductory lesson on the Causes of WW2, but does anyone know of any good activities I could use to get the class (mixed to low ability Year 9s) into it?
    I don't want to just plunge them into me talking at them in the first lesson! [​IMG]
    Thankyou in advance!!![​IMG]
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    We use a group activity where students take on the roles of Britain, France & Germany and have to make decisions based on the evidence to try to avoid war. Links nicely into discussions of appeasement.
    Happy to send the Powerpoint if it helps. Just PM me on here.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I am not a history teacher but it looks good for some kind of role play. Shoot me down if my basic WW2 history is a little pear shaped.
    1918 - Germany is defeated. Made to repay lots of money
    1930's - Rise of the Nazi party. Germany expands its army and navy. German has rapid inflation. Should we be worried? Churchill is but many aren't.
    Germany annexes Austria and takes the Sudenland? Feeling worried yet - do you want another fight? How did you feel about WW1?
    Promises won't go anywhere else - he's signed a piece of paper!! Then Czechoslovakia.
    Worried? Are you going to rearm?
    Please don't invade Poland - they're our friends... Invades Poland - what do you do?
    Why do countries support each other? Form alliances. Why don't countries want to fight? When do you stop appeasing and start confronting? Maybe argue different points of view?
    Could be interesting - and relevant to modern issues - e.g. Invasion of Afghanistan / Iraq. When to get involved, when to appease. Egypt - support a dictator because it keeps Middle East peace or let democracy take its chance? When do you stand by - what makes you get involved? Link to school life - at what point would you step in? Why wouldn't you?
    I'm sure there's more to the causes of WW2 than that - but hope that helps.

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