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Help with Btec?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by beckymiddlehurst, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. hi there,
    I am the LIV for Art at my school, also just started the fashion and clothing btec, and the level 3 photography btec as well. I have been teaching Btec for about 3 years now ( and have done ALOT of training recently in our school ) be more than happy to help you in some ways.
    email would be easiest and i can email you assignments, details on marking and anything that i can ... !!

    my email address is rebecca.middlehurst@sarumacademy.org

    but a pass is the equivalent to C grades, Merit B grade and Distinction A distinction * A * we now have 100% pass rate by doing btec, at our school this suites our pupils more. We had 154 candidates last year. and have also run the course in a year aswell.

    more than happy to touch base and help with what i can.

    where is your school just out of interest ?

  2. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    Thank you soo much! have finally managed to get on a course but would love to pick your brains especially as you've been so successful, my school is the north west, i'll email you if thats ok.
    thanks again

  3. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Edexcel website has lots of support materials for BTEC, have a look.
  4. pinnylady

    pinnylady New commenter

    thanks artcrisis i've taken alot of resources from that site too, i'm just very unsure about the whole course structure and in particular marking and assessment. Is it moderated in the same way as GCSE? i.e is there standardisation courses I can attend that will show a pass, merit and distinction sets of coursework? And what volume of work is required for each qualification? for example for 1st extended cert in comparison to just 1st cert? For example my kids are currently going through the still life natural forms project on resources on TES and on the A3 mixed media piece sectioned into 9 using 9 different media if they do this amazing well to A* GCSE standard as well as the rest of their work does that go straight to D1, 2, 3 or do they have to show evidence of passing P1,2,3 and M123 as well. Apologies if I'm being particularly dim about this but I have had very little time to look into the whole thing before I was expected to run it, feel more than a bit ambushed! havent even had the chance to email the very helpful previous post!
  5. Hi pinnlady
    I'm an accredited lead IV for Art & Design as well. Moderation is called 'verification' in BTEC speak, and the process is slightly different to GCSE moderation. This is what is supposed to happen:
    A sample of four complete pieces of work (ie whole units) is internally verified for each unit over the two years. The verifiers are members of your team ie you don't verify your own work/teaching. Changes are made as required and this is documented on the IV forms.
    Prior to this, the briefs which you give to the learners are also internally verified - same thing - a colleague checks over your work to make sure it complies to BTEC vocational standards.
    If you undertake BTEC 'OSCA' training (which is an online course) and become the accredited LIV, then what happens is that a Quality Assurance meeting takes place with the centre Quality Nominee and a member of staff from Edexcel (not sure what they are called!). They will check all of your paperwork including your records of IV and talk to you for a while. You need to keep samples of work from previous cohorts should they want to look at them but not sure how stringent this is. I only have a small cupboard to keep all the kids work in so I need to check myself how likely it is that they are going to want to see work going back past 3 years!
    If you don't pass the BTEC 'OSCA' training then no problem you just have an External Verifer come in and look at your kids work. The worst that can happen is they block your course and ask you to correct any mistakes, and then once they are happy they unblock it for you.
    In terms of marking, in order to award a Distinction for example, the candidate also has to achieve a Merit and a Pass in that unit. The qualification is set up so that this progresses logically ie Pass might be 'basically and safely' and Merit might be 'with a competent level of skill' etc. Regarding the 1st cert and extended cert - read the specification again, this will tell you what you need to do.
    Don't stress about it, it's actually one of the nicest qualifications to teach - I'm a big fan despite all the nonsense in the press about comparisons to the GCSE. It is a lot of paperwork but you just have to be calm, logical and methodical about it.
    Do go on a course, and also ask your Centre Quality Nominee to help you - they should be training you in what to do and when.
    Good luck!
  6. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could enlighten me on something?!
    I am teaching Btec art and design to a low ability year 10 group, it was a shock that I had them and would be teaching Btec and was all down to a mess up with the timetable...anyway, I am teaching it now and my head of dep is overseeing it.
    I havent had very much chance to read through all the paperwork and I am currently working through a sheme of work (natural and manmade forms). Really enjoying it so far and the course is clearly much more suited to our kids than GCSE art.
    One thing is confusing me though. I have been told that there is an art history assignment based on pop art which they need to start soon. We are taking them to London in two weeks time for inspiration and research. How does the assignment work? is it an essay? or just another word for a unit of work?
    Any tips on how to plan a suitable gallery visit in order to fit in with the Btec work?
    Many thanks!
    (2nd year teacher)

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