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Help with AS/A2 Product Design AQA

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by trinaoconnor123, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. trinaoconnor123

    trinaoconnor123 New commenter

    Hi All,

    I have just started my second year of teaching. Last year, I had 3 AS Level Product Design students, all of which got C's in the controlled assessment, when I was expecting them to get high B's. This was mainly due to my marking, and their practical work.

    I was wondering if anyone can lend any advice, and any sort of marking sheets/documents they use to stay on top of their course work? I was marking it often and giving lots of improvements and feedback, but feel as though I need to lay it out more clearly. I don't want to put in lots of hours work if someone already has something, especially with the specification changing shortly. We currently teach AQA.

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and don't want to make the same mistakes with my new AS class.

    Thanks a lot for your time and help in advance.

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