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Help with AQA Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by stephschool, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Having switched from OCR to AQA I am now struggling to work out the best way to deliver the controlled assessment. The OCR one was very clearly structured into 3 different tasks, compared to AQA's open ended project. I would like all my students to investigate the same business, so firstly, has anyone any tried and tested ideas? Secondly, are the students better demonstrating knowledge of all the syllabus topics or are you supposed to focus in on one? Would be grateful for ANY advice!
  2. cag29

    cag29 New commenter

    I am new to delivering the GSCE controlled assessment too. I rang AQA in September and they sent me the booklets that were used in the training with teachers last year. The specimin samples they sent me are very similar to the tasks the students need to complete this time around. Information given states that you need to cover ALL the bullet points rather than all the content in the specification as they will not pick up marks for this, it needs to be specific. I am going to create a grid on what my students need to look at as part of their research stage, which will hopefully offer some guidance to them. The main bit is for them to interview the managers of their chosen business and to conduct research into possible areas that they can improve - I'd say get them to explore at least three and them focus on one of these for their final judgement section. I hope that is of some help. I am not planning to start mine until after January exams although I am going to give them some research bits to do over the holidays. Some schools do a 'mock[' assessment using past themes but I don't see much point as it may distract them
  3. cag29

    cag29 New commenter

    Also, if you log into eAQA online, and go to teacher standardisation and then business unit 3 it will take you through this years training course that was held last week etc. It will also allow you to test mark etc. I rang AQA up for the resources and they told me about it, so I am going to have a run through it.
  4. if you give me your email i will email you the two documents i recieved at the aqa training course - a good mark grid and the cheif examiners work sheet that he has given to his students.
  5. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    Please could somebody send them to me as well, much appreciated.

    I missed the course through illness!!
  6. will email them first thing in the morning
  7. lord sutch

    lord sutch New commenter

    Ive finished mine..if I can be of any help then I will.....
  8. Hi Lord Sutch,
    Thanks for the offer of help. If I could just ask you:
    a) Did you use one business for all?
    b) Did you all work on the same "business problem"
    c) Did you pick something local or something national where data can be gathered through Internet etc?
    d) How much structure did you provide for students during the research stage? Guide / Check Sheet / Just the Exam board brief?
    PS: Thanks also for all the excellent business lesson ideas you have posted on T2U - I have used lots of them with great success!!
  9. lord sutch

    lord sutch New commenter

    Ive sent you an email.

    Best Wishes

  10. kenickie

    kenickie New commenter

    Steph - I sent you an email.
    PS It MUST be a local business, remember this is using unit 1 knowledge!
  11. cag29

    cag29 New commenter


    Would you be able to send me the info on the controlled assessment you sent regarding the controlled assessment. I am still trying to get my head around it.
    Many Thanks Cheryl
  12. Hi Lord Sutch

    Any help with the controlled assessment would be great, could you email me please with any resources, I have made loads of resources for different topics and would be wiling to share with you. (aqa, 413003)

    Any ideas welcomed


    email sobhan@hansprice.org.uk
  13. Hi There Hope you are well. Hope to hear from you soon.
  14. Hi all - after having done OCR Nationals for 2 years, I am now going back to AQA Business Studies, and looking for some help with the controlled assessment based on promotion. If anyone has anything that they could share in order to assist me - it would be greatly appreciated. My email is jade_1641@hotmail.com

    Many thanks


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