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help with an interview on wednesday French Alevels

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by foulet, May 28, 2012.

  1. If you know any Alevels website
  2. I don't know the French resources on here but they might be helpful:
    Look on the examboard's website for any free/accessible resources. There might be resources/texts on other examboards' websites too.
    Don't look around for too long for the "perfect" resource - it doesn't exist. Once you know which topic you want to focus on, stick with it and use the time to think about the lesson structure and objectives/outcomes. Look at the examboard's specs if you unsure about what students are required to do in the written exam/essay and tailor the lesson that way. But don't get too entangled with this either. It's your ideas that will count rather than being able to recite the exam specs.
    I guess, they are aware that you haven't taught A level before. They want to see how you engage students to actively take part in such discussions (verbal/written) and being able to make points and give opinions from different points of views (not just their own).
    My extra advise (someone else gave me recently): Even if you're dealing with grade A students, provide any word/phrase you or they might use on a vocab list for support - this avoids them getting stuck for words and your lesson from slowing down/getting stuck...
    Good luck!!

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