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help with afl and yr 1 phonic screening

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teach78165, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. hi can anyone give me a basic straight forward description of afl for ks1
    and the phonic screening for year 1.
    i have a very basic understanding of them but need to know more detail for interview.
  2. Basically finding out what the children know before you teach and ensure progression and learning in that lesson.
    This can be done using whiteboards and mini tasks to check knowledge at the start of the lesson. It can be using tests completed to see gaps in learning and planning to these. It might be first thing on a monday morning asking children to write the days of the week on a sheet of paper before you teach the subject so you can assess knowledge. We are now letting pupils in ks1 choose their own activity - low, med and high ability task and they go to chosen task based on their understanding and confidence.
  3. Test given to year 1 pupils anytime between 18-22 June by class teacher. List of real and made up words for children to sound and blend correctly. There is a forum about it 'Phonics Test'. I think the the pass rate when government did it as a trail was 30%!
  4. sorry - trial!

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