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help! what is modroc and how do you use it??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missbloggs, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Have just been told to use modroc for Art unit 'containers' instead of clay as we have run out. I have never heard of it before, let alone got the first clue of how to use it. Please please could someone help me out here??

  2. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Have just been told to use modroc for Art unit 'containers' instead of clay as we have run out. I have never heard of it before, let alone got the first clue of how to use it. Please please could someone help me out here??

  3. cheesepleasegrommit

    cheesepleasegrommit New commenter

    like sheets of plaster used to mend a broken leg - very messy! You wet it then shape / layer it as you wish.
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    modroc is basically plaster of Paris in a bandage form. It can be cut into lengths and soaked in water then moulded into shape and sets hard when dry.
  5. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Yuk! Would it be hard to make containers out of it then? They've done designs expecting to use clay and make coil pots, so this sounds like it would be quite different. It must need some sort of frame to give it support/shape mustn't it?
  6. yes it definitely works best if it has a frame to wrap around. I have used them for sculpture before and its great messy fun.

    I am not sure how it would work for containers though.... perhaps ask the person who suggested it for some ideas or suggestions as to how they would do it?!!!

    In the nicestpossible way of course!
  7. luckyduck

    luckyduck New commenter

    You will def need a frame as it needs something to be wrapped around or to stick to. Its messy but the kids love it.
  8. A friend's got a recipe for fake clay - bicarbonate of soda, water and something. Works brilliantly - better than playdough because it dries like clay and handles like clay. We made enough for 30 children at a holiday club quite easily. If you like I could get the recipe? Modroc is dreadful stuff- DON'T get it on tables or carpets, because it doesn't come off! (I learned the hard way as an NQT...) There may also be H&S implications if it actually has plaster of paris, because that heats when it gets wet, and a girl recently got very nasty burns stirring it with her hands.
  9. Modroc is evil, messy stuff that gets absolutely everywhere. Used it with Y5 and they made SUCH a mess. Think back to the Changing Rooms days - they used it for lots of their naff 'original art' and they used to get in a mess too.
  10. We used margarine cartons for modroc pots for Mothers day pressies. We painted them when they were set. Year 1 made igloos from it for their homes topic wrapping the modroc round muller rice pots,they looked great! If you have lots of pringle eaters cut these pots in half and cover with modroc they make good pencil holders.
  11. messy but fun! we used plastic cups and plates sellotaped together then covered in modroc to make our containers in year 5. I had volunteer support from another adult, its definately needed! Although year 5 were capable and able to work together to use it once they knew the process.

    It does make a mess and aprons etc are a must, carpets im not sure of as we had a wet area to use it on. It takes a couple of washes but does come off any hard surfaces ive come across.

    Its also a good base to paint on. I think it depends how you use it.
  12. modroc is fantastic have used it with reception to y6 -you just need to be very organised and have everything ready and def have a go yourself -its great fun and the children love using it !!!!Collect empty containers and cover these -leave to dry before decorating.
  13. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    use mudroc and then hide from the cleaner for several weeks.
  14. Angelfish1 - you mentioned fake clay and a recipe. I would love to get a copy of that.
  15. CLEAPPS do have a H&S warning about plaster of paris, but MODROC is fabric impregnated with it. You can use it without problems for containers and model making, but I would not use it for masks or casts on chn's body parts unless LA has cleared it. One thing to check with chn / records is if chn have excema or skin conditions as Modroc can exacerbate these because it dries the skin. Plastic gloves or rubber (as long as non-latex) can alleviate this.
  16. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    We have been told that all children have to wear gloves when using modroc.
  17. Well it is best to get another container, and wrap newspaper around it. Once it is all done you can use more newspaper to get creative and wonderfully weird shapes. Then wrap the mod rock, don't soak it too long or the plaster will just disappear. A dunk in and out should do and then smooth it on.
  18. Don't whatever you do wash the containers of water you use to wet the modroc down the sink without a filter in sink. Our caretaker hauled us all over the coals for it once as sink got blocked. Ooops!
  19. Oooh yes and the stench too. LOL It lingers for weeks.
  20. ceh54 - will get it tomorrow and let you know.

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