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Help wanted from desperate parent & child re Wikid science

Discussion in 'Science' started by netmum, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. netmum

    netmum New commenter


    I used to frequent the drama/music teaching threads although I no longer work with children.

    My son is in year 7 at a selective school. He is currently undergoing assessment for aspergers and he is really struggling with science & I'm a bit clueless as to how to help him He is badly organised due to his aspergers and I know his note taking etc is not always spot on but with other subjects we have been able to use internet research or CGP workbooks/revision guides to help.

    He is coming hom with homework he has no clue how to complete and getting detention for it. There seem to be no resources available to parents for this scheme of work.

    He is currently doing 'Cook' each group in the class did a different experiement on condiction, convection, radiation and presented their results to the class. My son couldn't understand these presentations and admits that when this happens his brain switches off.He has had to complete a table based on these experiments (which we done a couple of weeks ago. he has just about managed to do his experiement but he is unable to translate what he observed in the experiement (purple water moving around) to other situations or scientific concepts. He had no clue about the experiments his classmates did because he didn't see them for himself. (He is a very visual learner)

    We have emailed his teacher for help and she pointed us to the notes he made in class which neither of us understand and the page describing the experiments in the worksheet.

    My daughter is at a different school in year 9 and we have looked at her textbooks and revision books for help but they are organised very differently in scientific areas rather than these abstract topics.

    Can anyone help with this scheme of work?
  2. rich_hodgetts

    rich_hodgetts New commenter

    How about a video something like this:
  3. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

  4. peterdevon

    peterdevon New commenter

    The CGP KS3 science book covers all of the things he is supposed to do, but it won't be organised in the way the Wikid scheme of work does it.

    The teacher may be able to tell him which pages he should look at to help him with each lesson.

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