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Help!! There has to be another way???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by amygreenuk, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone can share their methods of filing (children's work) as I have been asked what folders/ books I want to order for next year in Year 1 and 2! I have no idea as the current system is, we have 3 folders per child organised by half term into Literacy, Numeracy and Topic plus we have Literacy and Numeracy books. Teachers seem to lose days of their holidays doing filing! Is there any other way?
  2. Year six helpers who come and do the filing for you?!
  3. The children could do their own filing.
  4. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    Children glue worksheets straight into books, for this to work you either a) trim down the sheets or b) fold in half and use A4 books not A5. Or they do the filing themselves before golden time, you'd be surprised at how efficient they get!
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Folders AND books? Can't they just stick any sheets into their books? Or year 6 children come and do it at lunchtimes?

    Definitely get the children organised into filing their own. I'm having year 2 in Sept and will definitely NOT be spending my holidays sorting out work.
  6. Or, how about drastically reducing your use of worksheets?
  7. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    I have y5/6 and of course every half term we have a half hrs session of filing but I do believe children in YR could do this with clear coloured books and wallets-as long as their name is religiously on everything
  8. I am Year 2. My children file all their own work. They do this in busy work during registration time one day a week and then a quick catch if it piles up.
    We arrange it like this:
    1 red plastic folder for literacy/theme (as literacy is always theme) file
    1 yellow plastic folder for maths
    1 blue plastic folder for science
    1 black plastic folder for re, pshe and any music (pretty all practical, so not much to file)
    An A4 sketchbook for art and d&t designs etc
    An A5 lined literacy book
    I just put all their filing that needs doing in a tray and once a week fish out all the sheets for whatever subject I feel the urge for them to file. The chidren come in and get straight on with handing out the work and files and filing it. We do as much practical stuff as possible, so there is not so much to file. They did this from the beginning of the year. I am sure they could also do this in Year 1. It doesn't take them long at all and mine actually really enjoy filing!

  9. we have one book for everything - it is a log of all their learning. teachers try not to use too many worksheets and children glue them in themselves. teach them how to glue properly.

  10. I put a ticking timer on at the end of the lesson and children have to glue in any work they did outside of their workbook within the minute. They just treat it as part of the tidy up and enjoy the challenge of being finished and sat on the carpet as quickly as possible. The system works for them and me.
    Just a tip, trim the sheets down a bit so that there are no untidy bits sticking out of the sides.
  11. All our children from R to y6 have the same books, A4, red-Lit, blue-numeracy, yellow science. green-topic. Work mainly goes straight in to books, if there are worksheets, all the children from y1 to y6 are trained to stick their own in, usually done at the end of the lesson. We do not have a filing system and the books go home with the child at the end of the school year
    It works great for us.

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