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help! textbooks

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by grantgust, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. grantgust

    grantgust New commenter

    I'm a new HoD and I need to change the textbooks currently in use to the Tricolore pack.

    I've been browsing around and the books seem incredibly expensive everywhere, not even counting Teacher's book and copymaster/assessment. Is there a website where you get group discounts? Can you advice me on the best way to proceed as I feel I'm doing something wrong?

    Please help!
    Merci :)
  2. cake4tea

    cake4tea New commenter

    Worth trying the school librarian if you have one - they can sometimes get discounts. However, they still won't be cheap.
  3. insetsceptic

    insetsceptic New commenter

    Could you maybe keep the good bits of Tricolore - of which there are many. Supplement it with other material for less able students etc. Maybe build the scheme of work around the Tricolore topics and grammar features. When you say that you “need to” You might think in terms of “it would be preferable to” As a new Hod, your headteacher might be generous with a one off boost to your budget - but in all honesty, I can’t see that there will be much spare money around at the moment. Do be kind to yourself- you are allowed to play yourself in. I’m coming to the end of my career and wish you all the best in your new role. We’ve never needed MFL teachers more than we do now. Good luck -please believe me, you are not doing anything wrong!
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