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HELP - teaching the BTEC Media this year - ideas please

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by angela_rangecroft, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. angela_rangecroft

    angela_rangecroft New commenter

    I have taught BTEC for many years but came out of teaching media 5 years ago. I have just been drafted back in only to discover that the BTEC assessment model has completely changed. Can anyone give me some advice as to how it works in practice?
  2. amylong

    amylong New commenter

  3. carolinealderson

    carolinealderson New commenter

    Angela and Amy, Are you still teaching this. new to this course and looking for some help.
  4. msturner78

    msturner78 New commenter

    Hi - same boat here . Was an AQA media teacher, left teaching to persue my own career interests, returned to teaching and now in school which does BTEC digital creative media at GCSE & A level. I feel like an NQT all over again. any help would be soo appreciated!

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