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Help! Teaching interview Year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by paulihopkins, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi there, I have an interview in a few days (after a lengthy break to have children so I feel a bit scared). My interview lesson is to teach a 30 minute 'writing stimulus' lesson to a mixed Y2 class, with many EAL. I am thinking along the lines of watching a little clip of a dvd showing a character to describe, and doing some short paired activities to generate vocabulary. Mmmm but I'm also fancying doing something poetry related but am scared of having disengaged children if I pitch it too difficult. Basically I need some inspiration or a confidence boost. Any suggestions would be appreciate. Thanks!
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Firstly congratulations on that interview! That in itself is a real success these days, so you must have written a good appplication which has whetted their appetite to see you in person and action.
    These days it's really important to have your lesson focus/objective in the forefront of your mind as you prepare and keep in mind how you're going to test their improvement/success with that objective at the end of the lesson.
    So for example if you wanted to try poetry (and I'd say 'Go for it!' as it will make you potentially stand out) would you want children for example to be able to identify rhythm/rhyme or 'play around with nonsense words enjoying playing with the sounds of words? Remember if you're enthusiastic the children will hopefully 'catch' that enthusiasm. Try to find out if the school still follows the NLS, and if they do relate your LO to one of the criteria.
    Other important factor is differentiation. You won't know the levels or abilities of the children and may need to adapt on the day.
    Best of luck with it.
  3. I had an interview in which I had to focus on inspiring writing. I took along a battered up suitcase that I had and put in an old mans flat cap, some coins in a tin, a strange costume and other random things. I said I'd found a mysterious case and wondered who it belonged to. We decided to open it and see if it gave us any clues. I kept using the word mysterious and collecting WOW words children were using to describe objects. We wrote a shared sentence about the case. We then discussed what we could do with the case, deciding we would make a found poster to put up to see if we could track down the owner. The children were fantastic and used the word mysterious that I had 'planted' for them to use and many of the other WOW words we collected to make their sentences interesting. They could talk about the learning, saying they had found interesting words to describe objects and the lesson was judged to be very successful as I got the job. Hope this idea might be of some help. www (posted from iPad so no paragraphs).
  4. Thanks for your help. I'll think carefully about sustaining the objective throughout the session.
  5. Thanks whowhatwhy.. I love that suitcase lesson. I don't think I'll do it as my interview because I think I'd need more than 30 minutes with lower ability unknown pupils to get the best out of it.. but I'd definitely do that lesson if I ever get a job...[​IMG] I'm now thinking that I'll focus on Describing a Setting. Any feedback on this idea.... - a vocab generating warm-up focusing on senses, I'll have a range of secret things to smell/ feel/ listen to and get the children to give me describing words to describe what they feel (such a scooby doo goo, uncooked rice, smelling oranges.. or similar), not sure what to do about taste in a world of health n safety/ allergies, etc.. And then find either a film clip/ or failing that a vivid picture of something like a haunted house, and we can discuss what we might 'sense' as if we went in that house, give them big paper and pens in groups of 4/5 and let them brainstorm some vocab for each sense... and then share back our ideas, maybe with me scribing some of the ideas... It needs meat on the bones of this idea, but any feedback would be welcomed...? THANKS!
  6. Jen g

    Jen g New commenter

    Could you maybe develop it with a "through the key hole" type activity- Show them an image of a distinctive house that you may have seen - ask the children to work in talking partners to generatea list of words which describe the house - maybe help by asking them to use their senses. After that tell the children that you were woundering who lives in a house like this. For differentiation purposes you could have some pictures of characters - a witch, a small girl, a wolf etc. The children could then discuss/ draw/ describe in writing, who they think lives in the house you have shown and offer explanations as to how they came to their conclusion.

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