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HELP, teaching ideas for Qatar!

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by BexMO, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all, hope you can help!
    I grew up in Saudi Arabia as an expat and since returning to England and becoming a teacher I have had a desire to live and work abroad. My husband is a lanscape architect and he has been headhunted for a job in Qatar with his international company....I want to support his growing career but not to rely on it.
    I am a qualified RE teacher and am passionate about my job. I am increasingly aware of the marginalisation of RE in the UK but also that the Islamic world does not teach RE to students - (I remember muslim children having Islamic studies and Arabic but I was never taught about world religions)

    Do International schools have a need for RE teachers or the subject today?
    Should I transfer my skills into closely linked subjects (PSHE, Citizenship, Humanities)?
    How do I keep teaching what I am passionate about?

    I would welcome lots of advice or personal experiences,
    Many thanks,
    Bex :)

  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Convert to Islam and start teaching Islamic Studies.
    I see a bright future ahead of you. Well as bright as it can be when you are covered head to toe in black cloth.
    You could offer to hold evening classes in comparative theology for the locals...
    All joking aside, my experience of international schools has been that they steer as far away from religion as possible. I would recommend that you go into the humanities, but without a first degree in a relevant subject, I do not see how you would stand out to a school, particularly as there would be appropriately qualified and experienced candidates competing for the same position.
    I know nothing about PSHE or Citizenship, so I cannot help with that.
    To be completely blunt, the best way for you to get a teaching job out there is to play on the fact that you are English. Study for a TEFL and teach ESL in a mainstream or international school. The pay is pretty low, but that should not be too great a concern. I am not sure how your pride would take dropping from a mainstream teacher to a TEFLer though.
  3. I dont think joking is popular in the middle east... :)
    Good point about the competative nature of the jobs and others more qualified, and Im not so keen to teach english/ EAL but i will do some research on the international curriculums.

  4. Trouble is every man and his dog is doing a TEFL, EFL or whatever they call it. You can even do 20 hour courses costing 100euros at certain places and some employers dont know any different when recruiting.

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