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Help teaching A level Textiles (AQA) (Trainee Teacher)

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by NinaCWalsh, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. NinaCWalsh

    NinaCWalsh New commenter

    Hi all.....

    Just wondered if anyone can help? I am a trainee teacher about to start teaching AS and A level Textiles (AQA). I have observed a couple of coursework lessons where students have been working independently on their own projects but I am about to start teaching some theory.

    I have looked over and over the AQA specification but must admit find it very brief, its not been a great help to me so far. I am just a bit unsure as to how to structure an AS / A level lesson? How to know I am teaching the right content? How detailed the content needs to be? What will help my students in terms of prep for exams?

    If anyone has any advice or any resources I would be very grateful! I have gone through the spec and have picked the following topics out so far:

    Manufacturing systems

    The role of the designer

    The role of professionals within the textile industry

    Fibre classification

    Working properties of materials

    I have 10, 1 hour lessons with an AS and A Level class and want to make sure I am delivering lessons that include the right content and are engaging and useful.

    Thanks for reading

  2. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    No replies - you do realise that not many schools teach textiles now?

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