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Help! Suggestions needed please

Discussion in 'Geography' started by hodiestoe, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I am surrently on long term supply at a PRU and they have given me KS3 Geography as part of my timetable. I am not a trained Geography teacher but I am trying my best and the pupils seem to be engaging with the work. The next topic they want me to teach them is all about different countries, geographical locations, continents and other important things about the world as they have zero knowledge of where anything is and they are extremely ignorant in their attitudes to other countries.
    I am struggling to resource this topic, the students work the best when they have a workbook in front of them rather than a textbook (which is good because I dont have a lot of textbooks) neither do I have a IWB or projector. Does anyone have anything that they can share or anywhere they can direct me for resources?
    Many thanks
  2. Do you have access to computers? Also, atlases? Ideally they should be taught how to look up places in an atlas.
  3. try SLN - the Staffs Learning Net - lots of resources for all topics.
  4. Hello hodiestoe
    You should check out the resources uploaded into the geography section of TES Resources
    TES Geography

  5. This is not a teaching resource but works like a bomb for learning about where things are. Make a LARGE world map and play twister on it (feet only).

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