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Help - Stories with Historical settings year 4 linked to Ancient Egypt.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Aunty Janey, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Hi
    hope this link will be of some use to you. I have just bought another book in the series 'The Time Travelling Cat and the Tidor Treasure' to read to my Year 4 class in September. <font size="6" face="Verdana"></font>
    <font color="#1111cc">The Time-travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess: Amazon.co.uk ...</font>[​IMG]
    The Time-travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess: Amazon.co.uk: Julia Jarman: Books.
    <font color="#0e774a">www.amazon.co.uk &rsaquo; </font>Books<font color="#0e774a"> &rsaquo; </font>Fiction<font color="#0e774a"> &rsaquo; </font>Historical<font color="#767676"> - </font>Cached<font color="#767676"> - </font>Similar Show more results from www.amazon.co.uk
  2. Thank you for that aunty Janey. I have ordered and taken out a couple of books such as Castings the gods adrift by geraldine McCaughrean, The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo and The Scarabs Secret by Nick Would. Do you have any examples of your planning? I am finding this a difficult one to plan from scratch.

  3. Sorry I can't help you there I new to Year 4 this year after having taught 17 years in the infant department. Thankfully I work in a very large primary school with a 2 year intake so I'm going to be led by my partner this year for a change.
  4. Hi,
    try books by jeremy strong. i think it's called 'there's a pharoh in my bed'. it's a humourous text. i've used it before and was well received. another is a book by teresa breslin called 'the dream master. an adventure & mystery test. again it was well received. good luck.
  5. Egyptian Princess (My Royal Story)
    by Vince Cross?

    Not sure what it's like but might be worth a look.
    I'm doing my unit linked with the vikings and have definitely noticed that all planning I've seen is based on WW2!
    Good luck with the planning.
  6. I have some planning for Year 4 using The Scarab's Secret - I've shared it lots of times before and am happy to do so again - just leave your email address.
    I think I also some planning using another book set in Egypt called 'The Egyptian Cinderella' - can send that too.
    This topic has come up lots of times before so doing a search on this forum might come up with some other good ideas.

  7. Sorry - upon reading the thread properly I noticed you'd mentioned 'The Egyptian Cinderella' already.
    Leave your email address
  8. Hi
    I'm doing the same and wondering whether to do Historical settings with our China topic in Term 1 or in T3 with Ancient Egypt. Whilst still deliberating and looking for the best texts, I found this book list for Egypt. Lots hard to find but still useful.
    HTH :)
    (I'm an NQT too - check out my teaching journey blog on www.nqtrollercoaster.wordpress.com)

  9. If you want books on Egypt, please look at my website first - there are loads at half price - never used!! (retired!)

  10. Yes please gnomes could I get a copy of that planning please.
  11. Hi gnomes,
    that would be brilliant if you could send me that planning, I have bought both The Scarab's secret and the Egyptian Cinderella so that would be fantastic! my email address is katy_brighton@yahoo.co.uk.
    You'r a star!

  12. I am teaching the Vikings at the end of the year as well as Ancient Egyptians at the beginning of the year. I am in a one form entry school and going to be in straight into the deep end from the beginning of the year so just trying to get as much done as I can before I start.
  13. Hi
    I have spent many hours searching for this ...... Please could I have plans for both Scarabs Secret and The Egyptian Cinderella I am a NQT and my first time in Year 4 so feeling a bit overwhelmed.
    Thank you so much

  14. NQTs you have mail
  15. HI
    I am also struggling to find some planning ideas for stories with historical settings based on our topic Egyptians, and was wondering if you could email any plans that you have used.I would very much appreciate any help. thanks
    my email is - ali@luckhurst.info
  16. Hi
    Any change I could have a look at the planning for Scarab's Secret and Egyptian Cinderella.
    Email is cav321@hotmail.co.uk
    Very many thanks
  17. Please could you send me the planning too.
    Thank you very much

  18. You have mail - better late than never.

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