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Help! 'Space Explorers' activity needed for outside area. Suggestions, please, lovely people.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Coffeeandcake1, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    In desperate need of inspiration. I have a LEA observation after half term and our topic is 'outer space.' At the end of last term, the children were given their space mission (which is to become experts in space travel, then go and visit the aliens on the planet Zog). Have (what I hope) is a nice CLL carpet session planned (writing messages on rockets to the Aliens, as the children LOVE letter writing) which I will continue with my adult led group. My TA will support child initiated learning.
    As I am new to early years this year, the biggest challenge has been developing the learning environment. I'm pretty confident with the indoor provision (having scoured past threads for ideas) and with the outside covered area, which we have turned into a giant space station, with lots of number challenges.
    However, I am at a loss as to what to do with our front outside area, which is a small rectuangular playground space with a slide at the center. Last time the person from the LA came this was the area that she picked me up on, as being bare. She also hated the fact that the children were on bikes and she told me this was 'mindless' (I thought that this was a bit harsh, as it was only September and the poor things were just settling in, but hey ho!).
    I have a parent volunteer who I thought could lead some sort of lovely, physical activity outside with some of the more energetic pupils. It would have to be quite a simple game, and any resources would need to be usable in a bit of rain, given the current terrible weather!!!! It would also be SO lovely if it had a PSRN or CLL element to it.
    Any ideas? Please? Sorry for the long post, but observation panic has made my mind go blank and mushy!
    Coffee xx
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Big boxes to build a rocket - focus on developing comparative language for size - shapes ?
    Going for a space walk - create a space obstacle course with craters and aliens rocket ladders or a make it giant outdoor bard game style drawn with chalks and physical obstacles if you want to add more maths- throw the dice and move pick a card and perform a suitable space action
  3. Ooh, thank you. They are SUCH lovely ideas! Really fantastic.
    I think the space walk idea sounds perfect. Waterproof all-in-ones could actually double up as astronaut costumes if it rains!
    I especially love the outdoor board game element. Right off to gold-spray some space wellies.
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    and back packs air tanks perhaps
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    perhaps collect space rocks on the way if you land on the right squares
  6. Absolutely fantastic!!!!
    How do you think of these things?
    Coffee x
  7. Absolutely fantastic,
    How do you think of these things?
    Right, feeling really enthused now.Think I might even try to get hold of a mini-trampoline as an anti-gravity element!
    Coffee x
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    wish I'd thought of that [​IMG]
    I'm now getting carried away with thoughts of black holes and asteriod belts
  9. Ooh - nice one. I have some tunnels from ikea which would make excellent black holes!
  10. ladybird22

    ladybird22 New commenter

    Hi last year when we did a space theme we made space rocks (different materials covered in tinfoil) of different sizes and weights and then had a challenge to find the heaveiest/ lightest rock uisng balance scales. Also loved crouching down and counting down to zero then blasting off. We had green slime in a builders tray and used tweezers to pick out little stars (nice and messy), great for fine motor skills.
    Good luck with your observation x
  11. you could have wet sand and rocks in a sand tray with 'moon buggies' for children to build tunnels, caves, hills, craters etc for them to travel across. you could also add with little men and flags?

    do you have any of those popoids construction in school because you could get them to make their own aliens and write names for them on sticky labels?

    an explorers box with backpacks, lunchboxes, binoculars, magnifying glasses, torches, tinfoil hats/helmets, gas bottles (2 pop bottles stuck together with ribbon straps attached, drinks bottles, maps, cameras, clipboards/diaries etc

    den making with material, pegs, cushions, mats etc & clothes horse/table to make a home for when they arrive at their new planet
  12. Thanks everyone,
    Feeling spoiled for ideas. How lovely.
    Ladybird22, I love the idea of the stars and green slime. What did you make the slime from. Would papermache paste and food colouring work?
    aacordu2, fantastic ideas for things to pack for space. I've bought a big NASA backpack, and now, thanks to you, have lots of lovely items to put inside it!!
    Coffee x
  13. we used pots of value hair gel - suitably slimy and green - although i did get some funny looks while clearing the shelves in tescos! think it was about 30p a pot?
  14. oh yeah we used the hair gel before, and added little shiny star confetti for them to pick out with tweezers etc!
  15. Hmmmm,
    Tricky, as I don't have a car and am not close to a big Tesco.
    May have to do some experimenting with gelatin, paper-mache mix etc.. (all of which I have somewhere in the back of the stock cupboard).
    Am sure I can come up with something suitable disgusting and slimey!

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