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Help sheet for Serif Movie Plus 4, anyone?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by l0vaduck, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I've searched the Resources section and the Forum and although lots of people use it, I can't find any helpsheets. I'm hoping I won't have to start from scratch and some kind person will enable me to spend some time with my family this Sunday afternoon by sharing!
  2. I'm extending the deadline. ;-)
    Please share if you have anything helpful.
  3. Plenty of video tutorials on YouTube, though mostly for newer versions. Why are you using such an old version? Or do you mean X4?
  4. Making your own video tutorial with Hypercam2 is fairly quick and painless - other than hearing your own voice!

    I have a screen shot sheet with key info and a version that i get the kids to copy and paste the correct terms that i use as a starter i will happily share.
  5. Because this is the version we bought.... given my tiny budget and the difficulty getting anything installed at our place, I'm reluctant to spend money upgrading when it does everything we need.

    Can't access youtube in school - what I'm after is something very straightforward with screenshots for my year 8s, a lot of whom have SEN.
  6. Hi - the screen shot sheet would be wonderful if it's for the version I have - please could you send it to me at aol.com? It's a zero after the L. Thanks very much for the offer.
  7. I found an old worksheet for a 'single lesson' task from Serif V4 a couple of weeks ago and had it typed up so I could update it for the version we've got. It doesn't contain the screenshots the original had but Im sure you could add some yourself.


    I'll try to scan & pdf the original and add email it if you add or DM your email address.
  8. https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/User-interface-Guide-to-Serif-MoviePlus-6173886/
  9. Thanks very much, that's very detailed and helpful. I'm afraid it's a bit too wordy for my students though. Thanks though, much appreciated.
  10. And for mine too. When I get a chance I intend creating an Adobe Captivate demo for the exercise. you could do it for V4.........

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