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Help! Science curriculum day to plan

Discussion in 'Science' started by sci84, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    We have done this, this week with Y9 based around recycling and sustainability.
    We made plastic from potatoes, recycled paper, made glue from milk and elastic bands from latex. The pupils really enjoyed it, although hard work for staff and technicians!
  2. I have an Intermediate 1 Chemistry class (I teach in Scotland) and i am alwys striving to find different things to do. These projects would fit in to some of the outcomes.
    I would be extremely grateful if I could have a look at the methods used to do this.
    My email is carolynsnyder@btinternet.com

  3. Why not do your own forensics day?

    I have run these as "taster days" for students we get in from schools (work in a college)
    Lots of stuff avaliable on the web, which you can adapt to suit the equipment you have and numbers

    If you are interested in a forensic entomology activity I have one already made?

  4. I know this is a very old post but was wondering if you still have the forensic entamology activity available. I am trying to produce an enrichment acticvity day with a 'forensic' theme and really want to do some different stuff to the usual fingerprinting and flame tests.
  5. We ran a CSI/forensics day
    activities uploaded here


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