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HELP schemes and resources for citizenship and PSHE

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by ACOYEAR8, May 5, 2012.

  1. YOU SIMPLY MUST HAVE A LOOK AT TRUETUBE.Google it and thank the WWW !
  2. VDL


    You have a really big job on your hands.

    1. Do you have an active healthy schools programme in your area? If so get connected as they will know who can help you deliver what, especially sex ed etc
    2. Visit other local schools to talk about how they do it - you need local links and support. Now is a good time to do this
    3. Join PSHE Association and ACT to access schemes of work, audits and professional help - people you can talk to - both have conferences coming up where you can make contacts, gain lots of free resources and get some training and inspiration.
    4. No idea what your budget is but for lower years a textbook based approach as a backbone will get things up and running and give staff a comfort blanket - then you can add in material from TES etc. If you are very IT based and have budget the BBCwhiteboard material on alcohol smoking and drugs is good and easy to use. Boardworks?

    Don't work on drugs, sex ed, bullying if your school doesn't have really clear guidance for staff about how they handle confidentiality, referral routes if child admits etc.

    Work closely with other depts in your school who deliver 'sensitive' areas. In my school Science took on responsibility for 'how it affects your body' for alcohol, smoking, sex- pregnancy, contraception etc. PSHE focuses on resilience, peer pressure etc so my staff don't have to get into technicalities which they are not trained for.

    I chose to use much of my small budget for key talks from experts and then staff follow up. This helps with accuracy and trains my staff the same time making it easier to hold a professional line. But lot of speakers are expensive and have set speech regardless of background of students. I like to see them first and need them to be willing to do a little tailoring.

    You won't get it sorted in a year, set yourself realistic targets.

    Good Luck

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