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Help returning to work

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Bandit3, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Bandit3

    Bandit3 New commenter

    I left teaching after suffering a breakdown after my father's death. Two years have passed but during this time I tried supply work which made my anxiety worse. I'd like to return to work perhaps as a HLTA which is a role I enjoyed before I qualified but I feel education has moved on so fast. Is there any particular books, magazines or websites anyone can recommend to update my skills/ bring back my love of teaching again? I've put alot of time and energy getting my mental health....well..healthy again and need to feel confident and not second guess my skills and knowledge...when I go back I want to feel that I've got this! Thanks xx
  2. SheikhAbdulFashion

    SheikhAbdulFashion New commenter

    Geoff Petty's books are the best things I've ever read.
    I found supply teaching a horrible, horrible experience.
    Find an agency and speak to them about your situation and the type / duration of role you are hoping for.
    My dad died. It was crushing.
    Education is unchanged. The good's still good and the bad remains. Only the date on the board changes quickly.
    You've got it! You can be strong. You can be happy.
    My father's voice tells me this in my head when I have my doubts.
    Good luck to you
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