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Help requred !

Discussion in 'Geography' started by amandaodell, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Do you know what exam spec they're doing? That would help you target thier revision a lot more accurately.There's a nice 'coastal dominoes' activity on this page that might make a good starter, although it might need changing slightly to fit the exam spec more closely:

  2. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    Hi Amanda
    Many thanks for your quick reply . AQA syllabus A.
    I am not sure if to try to cover all the landforms or concentrate on just a couple.
    Big thanks for the starter . You are a star!

  3. Hi Phil

    If it is revision, I have a lesson where the pupils have to write a script for coastal landforms for 'Coast' the programme. To make it solely for coastal erosion you could change it slightly, and do your own movie maker video for the for the pupils too. If you want any more information on that, message me on here and I will help gladly :)
  4. How about some sort of mystery? .....why do Mr and Mrs xyz no longer have a garden? type thing? have an image as a starter? maybe a card sort??? gd luck
  5. If you haven't looked already, the AQA website has pretty detailed schemes of work that should help a lot, but if you can get hold of a practice question too then that would probably be good (there should be at least one past paper easilt accessible) - year 10s needed quite a lot of guidance in unpacking exam questions and working to a mark scheme when I taught them last year because they aren't taking GCSEs in all their subjects yet and so haven't had nearly as much practice as year 11s.
  6. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    Hi miss teach

    It is the the pupils first lesson and a mixed ability class ranging a*-d. I think the script idea could be a real winner for a section of the lesson. (i am not sure i have the skills for my own movie maker !!) I would be grateful if you could send me the lesson .
    Many thanks hope your enjoybing Half term !

  7. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    Hi Amanda

    Thanks for the advice and i am now up yo date with AQA info !!!! As its there first lesson on coastal erosion landforms i can not really use it for an interview lesson . (i have though planned a year 11 lesson for next half term , many thanks for your help )

  8. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    Hi Jayne
    Have the image great starter many thanks . What do you mean by car sort ?

  9. I am about to do coasts with my year 10s and this sounds like an amazing lesson - could you send me the resources? I'd be happy to pass any of my resources onto you if you need anything?

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