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Help RE: Bullying

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Anna3681, May 25, 2019.

  1. Anna3681

    Anna3681 New commenter

    She hasn’t officially said she is retiring...
  2. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    No, you do not wait it out. If she hasn;t officially said it, She is not planning to do so anytime soon.

    You have posted how she has appeared to be ready to hit you. That is ASSAULT. She can be arrested for that!!

    I don't give a **** about her going through the menopause. That doesn't give her the right to behave like a ******* psycho and threaten her staff. Your HT sounds dangerous - you need to leave. Look for a temp post, even consider supply. Or do supply whilst looking for something outside of teaching - charity, third sector. Your HT is irrational, has no discretion, and an inflated sense of her own self-importance. She's a nutjob. Get out.
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  3. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    Also, anyone who thinks part timers are less important than full timers, and therefore a teacher is less important than her, is a ****. OK? (the starred out word rhymes with hunt. )
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  4. Anna3681

    Anna3681 New commenter

    Thanks CWAd you have described her pretty accurately. Just was wondering if I could tame her by informing governors or unions? Why are these people allowed so much control?. They are like kings of the castle. :( I think I might email her saying due to the threatening nature of The last few interactions, I refuse to have a meeting alone with her again.
  5. Anna3681

    Anna3681 New commenter

    I asked her what she meant when she said ‘I am the head teacher, you are ONLY part time?!’ She was basically saying She is allowed to treat me like this because i am PT. She didn’t like that.
  6. Anna3681

    Anna3681 New commenter

    I have two witnesses to how she spoke to me as she left the door open. Their faces were a picture when I left her office.
  7. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    Inform governors? Forget it. The Governors will most likely be doing her bidding - if they objected to her they would be intervening now. As for unions, why have they not been previously involved?

    I'm not going to say it again - Leave.
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  8. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    So nobody has ever stood up to her and you're not unionised as a workforce or you are but not prepared to invoke the power of the union for fear of upsetting her? And she purposely selects wimps?

    They are only allowed to behave in this way because literally nobody will oppose them. If you have a dictatorial boss? You don't let things get to this point. That's one of the reasons we have unions. We have legislation to protect employees and unions to support us in standing up for those rights. But the unions don't do it for us. WE stand up and be counted and the union backs us up.

    That's because, if we have learned anything from millennia of human employment, we know that power can corrupt and some bosses are not benevolent. Join a union.
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  9. Anna3681

    Anna3681 New commenter

    I’ll speak to the union properly and see if they can be helpful. To be honest you have all been very helpful, so thank you. She has had many grievances and complaints from staff and parents.
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  10. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Then why haven't you been one of them?
    You say you have kept a log...a log won't stop anyone doing anything.
    Emailing to say you refuse to have a meeting alone with her, will make you look sulky.

    If all you post is true, then you should have consulted your union a long time ago.
    Use half term to work with them to form a plan of action for when you return.
    CWadd likes this.
  11. Jazztess79

    Jazztess79 New commenter

    I was in exactly the same position. Union, union, union. My CofG knew exactly what was going on but didn’t have the guts/gumption or whatever to do anything even though I ‘d had a really good working relationship with her for years. My advice would be to work v closely with union. Put everything in writing and pass on to union and HR. It worked for me but was an awful 12 months. Wishing you the very best of luck.
  12. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    I am in exactly the same boat as this. Exactly. Except I am the DHT trying to work alongside this sort of behaviour. I’ve fought back a couple of times. Having the tables turned on me now. What is this profession coming to.
  13. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    I’m about to go through all of the above without a union. Am gutted. Worked in this place for years. Feel sick and v scared.
  14. Teacher_abc123

    Teacher_abc123 New commenter

    You’ve got to go through your union - they’re there to help x
  15. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    I know it sounds great going the grievance route etc. but after a grievance comes the victimisation and after that, well let's not go there. :( What has happened to all the others who went the grievance route? Are any still working in the school? :oops:

    You are part time so you have days when you don't have to see her. Thank the Lord for that! You have to devise a strategy to cope with the nonsense when you are there, as getting a part time post that suits isn't that easy. You have to go when it's best for you and your finances.

    So I would suggest ringing the Education Support Partnership and ask for an extended counselling session, where you have the same counsellor for up to 6 sessions and ask them if they can help with strategies to

    a. deal with the nonsense she puts you through every day you are in work
    b. the way she makes you feel about yourself
    c. the way others are perceiving you as a result and how that's impacting your self esteem
    d.not having to think about the witch out of hours

    You really need to get this woman out of your home, she's in your school on the days you are there, but you don't want her in your home.

    Your home as to become out of bounds to THAT WOMAN!
    grumpydogwoman likes this.
  16. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    I'd you can persuade yourself she's to be pitied then it may help you. If you rise to it? She kinda wins.

    @catbefriender is right. You take the money, you thank your lucky stars you're not full-time.

    I always enjoy a bit of wide-eyed innocence with that kind of numpty. Make a song and dance about looking at your watch, do a double-take, let out a horrified exclamation, apologise profusely. They never know if you're being saracastic and it winds them up no end but they can do nothing about it because you're being superficially compliant.
    catbefriender likes this.
  17. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Shaking my head..... This is absolutely disgusting. I hope you get your union involved.
    I'm at the end of my tether, signed off with work relate stress... I didn't see this burn out coming, I thought I was managing with the micromanaging and bullying, then the lack of support on top tipped me over the edge.
    Don't ignore the warning signs, put your health first.
  18. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    Am in same position as you and am sorry for anyone who finds themselves where we are.

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