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Help! QTLS? QTS? What?!?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by twilight_amoeba, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. twilight_amoeba

    twilight_amoeba New commenter

    Dear Tes community,

    I am a newly qualified teacher (Studied PCET). Along with a cohort of similarly confused teachers we are facing the difficult task of navigating the dark and murky waters of current educational policy.
    Basically I'd really appreciate some honest advice of those in the know as how to proceed. I've read a number of posts on this forum about QTLS and QTS but due to the fact that the government is currently changing things I am a bit lost.

    I've been looking into gaining QTLS status, as this is in line with post-compulsory education. However due to the cost (didn't we already pay enough in teacher training?) I wonder whether this is worth it or not. As I understand in FE you don't nessesarily need QTLS, but would it give me an advantage? I am also wondering whether I need to gain QTLS ASAP as the government is proposing changing this? Or do I just wait?

    Some new teachers bemoan that we don't gain QTS with our qualification. Our tutors were deliberately evasive and unhelpful with regards to this. I appreciate the qualification we have completed is for ages 14+, but due to the lack of full-time secure positions in FE many would like to gain QTS status to give them-selves more opportunities. As I understand, this is an expensive route. Is there an alternative? Or would one need to study for a PGCE (even though we kind of did?)?

    Sorry, last question. With those of us with the PCET qualification, are we actually allowed to work in a Secondary school (government school)? Once again I appreciate the qualification we completed was for post-compulsory so we can work in 6th forms upwards but is this an option? As I understand it we would have to be paid the same as someone with QTS if we had QTLS, but that doesn't nessesarily provide the information that we could apply for the jobs in the first place.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. blueskiesmev

    blueskiesmev New commenter

    QTLS is not going to give you any advantage in FE. Very few FE teachers have it.

    I did gain QTLS, but mostly for professional recognition and to demonstrate my commitment to the profession.

    The cost is not that high for QTLS and it is relatively easy and simple to get. One problem is that you have to be a member of SET for it to be valid so you'll need to consider the membership fees on top.

    Academies can hire unqualified teachers (which at the moment you are as you don't have QTS, much like a PGCE NQT) and might consider you for certain in-demand subjects, but I think it is very rare and you would get paid on an unqualified scale.

    QTLS is supposed to be equivalent to QTS but I don't think it is widely viewed as such. It would be up to individual schools as to how they view it when considering an application.

    Overall I wouldn't recommend QTLS as a way to improve your employment prospects unless you really want to work in a school, but if that is the case you should have done PGCE.
  3. gogogulliver

    gogogulliver New commenter

    I'm on the qualified lecturer payscale since I completed my Cert Ed/PGCE in Lifelong Learning and I don't have QTLS. I gather it varies between colleges. Our PGCE tutor ummed and ahhed a bit when I asked her if there was any point in going through the process.

    If I was planning on moving into working in schools, I'd probably go for it but I have no immediate plans to do so.
  4. blueskiesmev

    blueskiesmev New commenter

    All colleges will put you on the qualified lecturer payscale with any level 5 + teaching qualification. But schools require QTS.
  5. paul_d_stevens

    paul_d_stevens New commenter

    I don't know anyone in FE who has QTLS. To my knowledge it's not compulsory any more (if it ever was) and not having it hasn't affected my career in any way. No employer has ever even asked me if I have it. In FE being qualified to level 5 is perfectly adequate, so at level 7 you're way ahead of the game. Others may disagree, but I'm not going to pursue QTLS.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
  6. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    But the government can and does change the goalposts. Let's take QTS for example. Currently, an academy or free school can hire an unqualified teacher. In all honesty, that is ripe for a change. Easy win for a sec of state and those without will be desperately paying two k for self assessed. QTLS, same thing really. Short term, nah. Long term, goal posts moved??? If you are staying in the profession and intend to move up not out then I would advise yes.

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