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Help! PSHE programme delivery

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by ilovesheep247, May 2, 2013.

  1. I have been given the added responsibility of looking after PSHE alongside CEIAG. We were delivering it during tutorial on a morning for an hour over the course of 3 days. PSHE has always been a problem being delivered at our school since I started 7 years ago, it has been delivered in so many different formats and many people have looked after it. Due to attendance being poor on a morning, and the lack of delivery of the PSHE material, our school has decided to change the structure of the day, and also not to have PSHE during tutor time but over 5 curriculum enrichment days instead. Does anyone out there have a similar model you could help me with. My link says I can go on a visit. Many thanks.
  2. PSHE CD with editable PowerPoints, schemes and resources on Ebay: Item number:300891461054

  3. By curriculum enrichment days do you mean to take your pupils off of timetable and run 5 whole days to cover the curriculum. This is what many schools are starting to do now and we have experience of being involved in these. We can run a variety of workshops to meet the curriculum over a day with whole year groups. If you want to get in touch or have a look over our website its www.sav-ed.co.uk.
  4. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    I love sheep - email me, I am pretty sure I can help. Have just spent that last 12 months auditing and re-structuring my school's provision of PSHCE and form time. I am a PSHCE co-ordinator based in the north. With all due respect to the above organisations, this is much more of a bigger picture thing!!! sarahjhepton@hotmail.co.uk

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