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Discussion in 'Primary' started by kh133, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I am starting a new job soon in a mixed year 3/4 class. If anybody could offer any advice or your pearls of wisdom they would be greatly appreciated!!
    I have only taught years 3 and 4 (not mixed) whilst on supply so feel a bit lost with planning ideas etc, as I have only taught a few days in these years.

    Thank you
  2. Hi,
    Congratualtions on the new job. I am an NQT, teacing in a Year 3 class. My advice so far would be to do as much prep as possible before starting. Over the summer, prior to starting in September I spent a lot of time just printing and laminating HFW cards, and words related to Big Write for example: connectives, openers, punctuation etc. These can all be found on ********** which is fantastic. Doing all that prep defnitely gave me a heads up so I could just focus on routines and teaching, and all the other bitty jobs that come with teaching young children.
    I also had seating plans and the ability groups for reading, maths and Literacy sorted and displayed before I started - so at least the children knew where they had to sit.
    As for planning, I would advise that you get your medium term plans in place, but don't over plan a topic especially in Maths and Literacy as the childrens' understanding and progress direct a lot of what I teach. By all means have a rough idea and outline.
    Sorry I haven't got any experience teaching mixed year groups.
    All the best.

  3. I would ask for the school's rolling programme. I would imagine that if it usually has mixed-age classes, you will teach a two-year rolling programme and that all your long term planning will be in place for foundation subjects.
    I'm in a mixed Y3/4/5/6 class. For numeracy, I teach towards the middle of my ability range, so top of Year 4, bottom of Year 5, and then go up and down according to the needs of the children. I differentiate by ability not year group. For literacy, I make sure I cover a range of genres, mixing and matching from the different year group units (we have to use the units in my school: I'd much rather not if left to my own devices!) There are several LEAs who produce planning help for mixed age classes - cumbria and lancs are very good, especially for numeracy.
    I also would specifically advise that you NOT use the ********** website for resources: check out the many previous threads on here about it.
    I used to love Y3/4 - it's a great mixed-age range to teach!

  4. Thank you for the replies :)
    I am going into the school this week to find our levels and look at previous planning etc. I think I am just nervous and want to be as prepared as possible!
    Thank you again x
  5. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    Check your school / LA allows you to use ********** before you spend a lot of time and effort making resources you may not be allowed to have in school.
  6. Definitely...I learnt that the hard way once!

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