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help please :(

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cazzy4k, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. HI There

    I work for connex in Manchester, and every week like clockwork to ensure I am paid, I email my timesheets to someone within the liverpool office (where my agents are based)

    No matter who I am e-mailing there, I get the delivery failure back, from all of my e-mail addresses, and as its sunday and noone is there I really dont know what to do about it.

    I am stressing out, as I have never had this problem before, has anyone else and if so what did you do. I have no access to a fax machine atm, and where I go tomorrow, I really dont want to take advantage of the secretary and send 4 timesheets!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I do not know how Connex work but I assume that they have a deadline of Monday or Tuesday for the submission of timesheets. In the past I have always tried to ensure prompt receipt by mailing timesheets on Friday evening or Saturday morning at the latest but I would always send copies by email as well. On those few occasions when I have not had access to a computer I have used the fax facilities at the local library
  3. Thanks for a prompt response, I have been trying to e-mail them since friday though too
  4. Have you spoken to your consultant about this ongoing problem?
    If not, you should -it's not normal.
    Also, have you checked the size of attachments on your email?
    There is a limit on size of emails, and if you are scanning the document at too high resolution, the email may be blocked on the basis of it's size.
  5. Wrighty1000

    Wrighty1000 New commenter

    You could try emailing each timesheet sep. I've had this problem in the past and that's what I did to get them sent.
  6. the worst teach agency ive workked for is teacheractive they r hpeless i am
    an art teacher and they wanted me to cover maths rubbish what ever next
  7. Many many many thanks for this, and everyone's comments

    I faxed last weeks timesheets from the local library, which cost me 5.50 for the privelege a whopping 1.10 per timesheet. I am in the process of claiming this back, as its not my fault (apparently there is a problem with the e-mail system/was a problem) consultant wanted me to fax across again, paying 4.50 this time for the privelege of e-mailing mileage only for their records!!! As consultant told me problem was fixed, having been busy with my life this weekend I waited until teatime to send them. Surprise surprise my 4 timesheets would not send in one large attachment e-mail, so I came back to find this thread, luckily sending them one at a time has worked, phew!!! Last Monday I was only working pm so had chance to fax them across, but do not know if I am working tomorrow, just have to wait for the call.

    Wrighty1000 you are a lifesaver!!!!

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