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Help please... thematic scheme of work for KS3 SEN pupils.

Discussion in 'Science' started by SNH, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. SNH

    SNH New commenter


    I am Science coordinator at a special school for pupils with MLD. I have restructured my Key Stage 3 SOW to include the new requirements of the curriculum, but have kept the same general topics as before (e.g. cells, acids and alkalis in yr 7). I have now been asked to look into a thematic SOW as a few other departments in school do this... oh, and we are due an ofsted this term! Have seen the upd8 one, looks good but not sure how appropriate it will be for my pupils (last year ranged from P8 to level 4). Any ideas or nods in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
  2. SNH

    SNH New commenter

    Thanks, I have decided to go with the Wikid for this years Year 7, and will then evaluate it at the end of the year. I'm not keen on doing a 'whole school' themed curriculum, as I feel my pupils benefit from spending time on a particular area instead of 'mixing up' too many big ideas at once (one school I have spoken too is doing a six week topic on animals that includes forces, speed, variation and classification, too much information for my pupils). I think that wikid is fine for this because it is thematic, seems to be very hands on and also concentrates on linked topics - please tell me if I have got it wrong!

    Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.
  3. I work in a special BESD school and we are going thematic for the whole KS3 from September. We started Yr 7 in January 10 and we are starting Yr 8 after Easter. This will be across the whole curriculum although I am only delivering Science.
    I think it offers great opportunity to be creative but I think it will take a whole lot of time and a lot of work with other teachers to get it right.
    Do you know of any reading on how to implement such a scheme.
    After Easter Yr 8 will be doing World Cup.....I have to do some rock cycle/physics work and some chemistry/atom, compound work. Any idea would be very welcome!
  4. This may be more than useless, but I remember a SOW by Liverpool university called, maybe, Aim for 5 (I think) that was done in about 5 themed units. Was meant to take level 4s up to level 5 (obviously). There was one unit on football, maybe on I'm a celebratey (spelling ?) get me out of here, maybe on Parties.
    Of course my memory could have played tricks on me.
  5. Hi, I have just gained the post as the SEN co-ordinator in Science and I need to develop the SOW for KS3 and possibly KS4. I was searching TES for some ideas when I came across your post. I was wondering if there was anyway you would be able to share the SOW you have put together.
    I am mainly hoping for some kind of head start as I am uncertain that what I produce would be correct, so I am just looking for any ideas.
    Thank you in anticipation ;-)
  6. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    Have you seen the cost??? £1400 for a scheme of work!
  7. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    Hi - I'm KS3 co-ordinator in a grammar school and have just written a new thematic sow for our yr7 science. Each halfterm we have a new theme which incorporates all 3 sciences. This term we are doing Desert Island - this covers separating mixtures (to get drinking water from the sea), magnetism (so we can make a compass and get home) and adaptations and food chains.)
    The sow is still a work in progress but I am happy to share the themes and topic links. You can then put together your own lessons at the appropriate level for your students. Pls email if you want any more info :)
  8. It was Liverpool schools who wrote Aim4Five with their then Science Consultant - it's very good!
  9. I used Aim4Five with moderate success and have the material somewhere. Please PM me should you need it.

    I had some some core material from Doncaster Schools. They indicated that the target group was:? "Year 9 pupils with a Fischer Family Trust ?B? forecast less than level 5. They are likely to have had access to the QCA units 7A to 8L inclusive during years 7 and 8 and pupil-tracking records show that they are performing below level 5.
    ? They are likely to have a patchy understanding of the concepts central to science, such as forces, energy, particle theory, cells, interdependence.
    ? They may need help to remember scientific equipment, plan a procedure, suggest the most appropriate method to display data, etc.
    ? These pupils will study a foundation level course at GCSE.
    ? These pupils may have had significant absenteeism in years 7 and 8.
  10. Hi Jiveannie
    I am in the process of trying tocome up with a thematic scheme of work for KS3 . I really like the WIKID resouurces but they are so expensive. Could you give me a little more info on what you have done please.


  11. Since the link above does not work, here is an ammended address for the materials
  12. I'd like to chip in on the comment of 'I really like the WIKID resources but they are so expensive'. I think they're only expensive is if you're comparing them to free stuff that's on the net
    But they're so far from being like a set of worksheets.
    You're getting a fully planned curriculum with high quality resources for 100 lessons per year, and around 40 assessments.
    It's more realistic to compare WIKID to a complete publisher's scheme including the CD ROMS and assessments, which would cost a lot more (because they're profit making, and WIKID is non-profit)

    If the whole WIKID programme is too much, then you can soon cherry pick individual lessons and sequences on the upd8 store from June 2012.

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