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Help please, TA wage...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Wotton, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Wotton

    Wotton Established commenter

    The amount quoted is for full time as 27 hrs is not full time you will be paid less than this.You will probably only be paind term time only. As some LAs differ you would be best to ask either the LA or school.
  2. Hi TAs only get paid for term time. I am paid for 44 weeks a year, but this may differ from one LA to another. However, the wage is split over 12 months. I would guess that the lower end of what you have quoted would work out to about £750-£800 per month, but this is a very rough estimate. If you contact your LA they can give you a formula which you can use to work out what your gross monthly wage will be.
  3. That would be around £8k per year, maybe £9k at the top end.
  4. Blimey Yogs, 44 weeks of the year? Do you have to go in during holidays?
    All the TAs in our school get paid for 38 weeks of the year!
  5. I get paid for 43 weeks, 4 of those are holiday pay and I work 39. Where is this job, the pay is much better than mine?!
  6. I took home around £600 a month as a full time TA a couple of years ago.
  7. I too get paid for 38 weeks a year :-(
    I had forgotten that it changed when we had single status foisted upon us a few years ago !

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