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Help Please re Teacher Pension agency and My husbands ill health application

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by lindsie1, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hello I am looking for some help re my husbands ill health application with the teacher pension agency. Without going into lots of details this has been a complete nightmare and has gone on for now around 18 months.

    He applied for a tier one application, they accepted he was too ill to go back to teaching, the dr from Atos actually stated this. They turned it down on the grounds it was an out of service application. It was not and we sent back an appeal on this basis. They accepted this

    Anyway to cut a long story short today we went on the website and it finally says case finished. The pension advisor sent a secure e mail to my husband saying he will receive a letter telling him whether it was successful or not by tomorrow.

    We now have another case opened up saying "request for recycling declaration"...Please I am desperate to know is this a further excuse from them? What does it mean? After 18 months my husbands ill health has definately been exacerbated by the tpa, his lea, and even his old school. If anyone can shed some life on this I would be soooooo grateful. Thankyou.
  2. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Try reposting this on opinion or personal, there's a lot more readers on there.
  3. thank you
  4. I have just completed a total ill health pension application. I was granted it. From what I can remember it seems as though you too have been sucessful. The recycling declaration is the start of payment. This form is you declaring that you will not re invest any monies you get from the teachers pension pot into any other pension scheme. This is deemed illegal. You will also be asked, if it applies to you, what proportion of you pension you would like to convert into a lump sum. In my case it for every £1 of pension I gave up, they would give me £12 as a lump sum. Hope this makes sense
  5. thank you so much for replying... It was on the tpa website... said case finished and the recycling declaration was under that... I thought they might be mucking us about. The whole process has been a total nightmare. The pension was put forward as a tier one application but they judged it on a tier two application as they said it was deemed an out of service application.. So denied it on that basis, as they had to judge it on a tier 2 application.... honestly i am not being melodramatic in saying it has been a total *** up from straight to finish. I went on the HRMC website and saw what you were saying. Many thanks and congratulations on your success. Although no-one wants to be retired on ill health, nor do they wish to go from a 2.500 a month to esa which is 240 a month !!!!!
  6. Hi
    I am just in the process of applying for teachers pension on ill health appeal stage. Can you tell me what you did to be successful as my first attempt was unsuccessful.
    Thank you


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