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HELP please re: Curriculum 2014 tracking

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bjgilbody, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. bjgilbody

    bjgilbody New commenter


    I desperately need some trackers with which to assess my children's progress (I am a Year 2 teacher).

    I work for a school which doesn't have any formal tracking system (even for the core subjects) for the new curriculum.

    I was wondering if anyone has/knows where to find a tracker which tracks progress against the different areas which need to be covered in English and Maths - across the three terms please?

    We have been asked to submit data on whether our children are emerging/secure exceeding, and I find this very difficult to decide without the use of a formal tracker.

    Thanks in advance
  2. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter


    My initial reaction was surprise that your school does not subscribe to a formal tracking system, however, on reflection, I would question just how useful they really are at the moment anyway! My school uses O-track though I suspect this is going to change as management are concerned about its reliability in tracking against new NC objectives and data that it generates. From a teacher's point of view, O-track and Classroom Monitor seem to be very onerous and time consuming to track against.

    I too am a Year 2 teacher and even with this formal tracking in place, feel confused as to who is currently at ARE, who is working towards and who (if any!) are achieving mastery with depth (or exceeding).

    I believe we should be following the guidance from the interim framework documents as well as the writing exemplification (!) to help us inform our judgements but again, this is very confused, as it states it is not be used as a basis for formative assessment but only to help moderate our Teacher Assessment levels at the end of the year! I think I will end up using these as a guide though how to record each child's progress against these, I don't know! Feels like APP all over again...





    Not sure if I have helped!
  3. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    what a mess the powers that be have made of the change to the new curriculum!
  4. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    Lancashire are producing exemplification for reading, writing and maths for every year group. This may help. Not a tracker as it's not about how many objectives they have met but their level of understanding. This needs exemplification...I think and the gov exemplification for Year 2 needs clRification from the STA.
    Look on the Lancashire ngfl. I have ordered what they have released so far. I saw it at a meeting and it looked good.
  5. whitestag

    whitestag Senior commenter

    Not a helpful comment this, I'm afraid. But, I've seen loads of different tracking systems, assessment sheets, stepping stones, learning ladders etc and I haven't been in the least bit impressed with a single one of them. They are a rehash of APP and levels, and they don't in any way represent how or what my children are or have learned. They are a nonsense.

    Schools and LAs are panicking and inventing the most complicated, ludicrous tracking systems known to man, in some cases involving codes and statements that a specialist agency would need to be called in to decipher. The recent moderation meeting I went to was a complete and utter fiasco.

    I'm sorry it's not much help to you, OP, but it really is the biggest shambles I've ever seen in education and nobody has a slightest clue what on earth is going on. We have completely lost it.

    Levels had their downsides, but they were a lot better than this load of nonsense!
  6. eliot371

    eliot371 New commenter

    Have you looked at the rising stars progression frameworks? These are free and are per year group for each subject, it will require you to essentially APP every child :( but they do give you guidance of what they expect for beginning / expected / exceeding. They use NC statements.
    Another idea for writing would be to use Ros Wilson criterion - this can be used for one piece of work and again will give a b / exp / exc (or equivalent) for the age group.
    Although not comprehensive for the whole year, using the interim assessment frameworks will again give you some evidence for the b / exp / exc. Though this is v specific and obviously comes with the downfall needing every element ticked before you can decide if they are b / exp / exc.
    Hope of some help. Agree with other posters re nonsense of it all - I am wasting HOURS on clicking boxes, highlighting statements in different colours depending on term achieved... apologies for mini rant - good luck!

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