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Help please - OCR GCSE English lang and lit

Discussion in 'English' started by Cherrypie2, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. This is a desperate plea for help. I am teaching the OCR spec this year and as an NQT I am in a terrible state trying to sort out how many weeks to dedicate to each unit. If anyone teaches this spec (both English Language and Literature) and doesn't mind giving me some advice please could you contact me via my inbox? My HOD is frightening (and away on holiday) and I don't know the other staff in the department yet and so can't even ask for their help.
    I'd be so grateful if those who have actually taught this would contact me. I have contacted OCR but they are awful! I have some simple and obvious questions and would be too embarrassed to post them publicly
    Thank you guys
  2. Sorry, I forgot to say that the SOW I was given are so confusing - they are jumbled up and bits appear to be missing. I'm having to start from scratch - hence the panic. I feel very miserable..
  3. Thank you slinky28 - you have mail.

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