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Help (please) needed with 1st lesson

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by leviosa, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Put a picture of someone famous on the board - someone they will know well Beckham for example.
    Get them to write/say as much as they know about him so you will have things like what football team he played for, he is married to Posh, they have 4 children etc etc
    Establish that they know lots about him so then ask them personal questions e.g. what's his favourite breakfast cereal? which of his children is the best footballer? Does he sleep on the left hand or right hand side of the bed?
    They obviously won't know the answers and willfind your questions amusing and have a go at answering them anyway.
    Then you can explain that they know lots ABOUT Beckham but don't actually know him as a person - then discuss how they would do this - e.g. how do they make new friends? - by asking them questions, listening to their responses, spending time with them etc.
    You can then link this into prayer. Christians (or whatever religion you choose to look at) learn ABOUT God from the Bible, Qu'ran, Torah etc but they only get Tto really know him and have a relationship with him via prayer. Hence the importance of prayer - both listening to and talking to God is as a way of developing their relationship with him.
    By going in from a celeb aspect and their own experiences of how they make friends you should have them onboard before you bring the religious side in.
    You have to make sure you deliver on the AT2 side otherwise it will be AT1 heavy and they will be bored and hate it asit's just factual learning otherwise.

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