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Help please! MFL teaching hours at KS4?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by EverybodyEducating, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. EverybodyEducating

    EverybodyEducating New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to find out how many lesson hours per week schools tend to allot for MFL GCSE pupils.

    In my school we start GCSEs in Year 9 and they have 2 hours of MFL per week in Years 9, 10 and 11.

    Please could you comment with how many hours pupils usually get in your school? It would really help me with some research I'm doing!

  2. -myrtille-

    -myrtille- Occasional commenter

    We also start GCSE in Y9 and are down to 2 hours per week next year as well. :(

    Previously we've had 3 x 50 minute lessons in all year groups. But MFL, Humanities and Arts/Technology subjects are being reduced to 2 hours to increase the number of Maths and English lessons.

    I did some of my training in an upper school (KS4 and 5 only) and GCSE pupils had 5 hours per fortnight on a two-week timetable.

    I think 2 hours per week is going to be tough, particularly for our least able pupils (we have MFL for all at KS4).
  3. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    When I started my teacher career back in 1971 in a boys' maintained grammar-technical school, a foreign language had five 45-minute lessons a week. In schools on the European continent, the foreign language still commands a generous (one might say realistic!) number of lessons compared to other subjects, which is why monoglossia is a less prevalent condition across the Channel.
  4. cake4tea

    cake4tea New commenter

    GCSE over 2 years, 2.5 hours / week.
  5. EverybodyEducating

    EverybodyEducating New commenter

    Thanks - really helpful! Yes, it is tricky to fit everything in within two hours.Unfortunately it's just the way things are with maths, English and sciences being given priority.

    Anyone else? :)
  6. LadyPsyche

    LadyPsyche New commenter

    Two years, 4x35mins per week.
  7. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    2 hours a week in Y9, then 5 hours a fortnight in Y10-11.
  8. shropshire14

    shropshire14 New commenter

    3 hours a week in years 10 and 11.
  9. pascuam49

    pascuam49 New commenter

    International school in China. Ab initio in two years 5 periods of 40 minutes a week.
  10. northpolatskaya

    northpolatskaya New commenter

    In years 10 and 11 we have 3x 50 min lessons per week and with the new specification we will need every minute I suspect. I would try to negotiate more time if I were you because your time allocation seems low to me
  11. mrstique

    mrstique New commenter

    3 hours a week. I know of other schools who have cut allocation and think it is unsustainable, particularly as new GCSE specs offer a different and higher level of challenge. Our SLT are understanding and supportive of languages, we are a valued subject (as we should be) and I think this level of support is essential to the future of language teaching in this country. Rome was not built in a day and, let's face it, languages is a long game.
  12. divine_dodo

    divine_dodo New commenter

    We get 5 hours a fortnight in Y10/11 but our dual linguists only get 3 hours of each language in Y8/9 which means those that have taken on Sp/Ger as a new language in Y8 and do it to GCSE have to spped through everything!
  13. fursdonjay

    fursdonjay New commenter

    I started out in the seventies, as Dodros did. MFL, usually French, Spanish or German was given a two hour slot per week, at our feeder primary schools. The upper schools, in which I worked, allotted five fifty minute sessions for MFL per week.
    Later, in the Advisory service, that allocation of time was maintained until the early nineties, when ‘accountability’ became popular with politicians. From this post, that allowance would seem to be continuing to erode. Your references to current timetables for MFL are surely untenable. Is it surprising that so many teachers in our schools are suffering from ‘burn out’? Politicians reading this post should take note. To those who are struggling to meet these targets, my very best wishes extend to you in the hope that sanity will return soon. May 2018 be the year to make life easier for those who teach in our schools!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  14. cake4tea

    cake4tea New commenter

    2.5hrs / week, though sometimes we get a 2 hour block, which is dire. With the content and the multiple skills needed for the new GCSE it's difficult to fit everything in. 2hours / week will be very intense to say the least!
    agathamorse likes this.
  15. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    Currently 2 hours a week.
    At my last school one hour a week.
    Before that 3 hours, one triple lesson - I kid you not...

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