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HELP PLEASE last minute present ideas

Discussion in 'Personal' started by bex2606, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Am really hoping that someone out there will have some fantastic ideas as I am at a complete loss.
    I need to find a Christmas present for 2 of my friends. They are a couple who have recently moved into their first house together. They are in their mid 20s and both earn a lot more than we do. The problem is that I just cant afford to shop in the places that I know they usually go to and am very conscious of where I am buying their present from. (I'm making my lovely friends sound very snobby and thats really not the case)
    He is very into food and likes cooking but I am not sure what he already has in his kitchen.
    She loves clothes, shoes and handbags. However as I dont know him so well I would prefer to buy them a joint pressy.
    I know I'm leaving it very late so any ideas would be very greatfully recieved.
    My budget is 15 to 20 quid by the way
  2. You can get a very good bottle of wine for that money.
    Or buy a bottle for half that money (still fine) and a couple of cheeses to go with it.
    Pack them up snazzy and it looks like a million dollars.
  3. A couple of fancy champagne glasses and a bottle of Cava.
  4. Not sure if it would be a little bit more than your budget but what about a subscription to BBC Good Food magazine or similar?
  5. A nice photo frame or similar?
    We are still working on making our house our home and have really appreciated the lovely frames people have given us.
  6. A cookbook and/or gourmet wine and food - olive oil, cheeses, coffee, chocs.
    If you cook, how about making a cake or biscuits?
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Marks and Spencers have some loely potted spring plants.
    If your budget is £15-£20, you shouldn#t' be worrying about shoes and handbags.
    Something for the garden. Safe and joint.
  8. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    If you get something from a smaller independent shop rather than a chain, the cost won't be known! Shouldn't worry though, I'm sure they'd be horrified to think they were a cause of stress for you!
  9. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I am hoping someone will buy me an official kate and will engagement photo.
    They may like one of those?
    It can always be ironic
  10. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    A nice chopping board
    A personalised christmas tree decoration (buy a plain bauble and personalise yourself if you're out of time to order)
    A recipie book and/or stand.
    Nice oven gloves
    Key holder (some fab quirky ones out there) x
  11. Knew I could depend on you guys.
    Have gone for a mix of all of your ideas and made up a kind of Christmas hamper including:
    A decent bottle of wine
    A christmas cookery book
    Some spring bulbs in a nice planter
    Glass tree decorations
    A spare Christmas cake that I had made
    Some nice chocs from Hotel chocolat
    Thing is that I had all but the spring bulbs and xmas tree decorations in the house already as I had been given the wine and chocs and dont eat chocolate or drink red wine. The book was a spare present I had bought last year and forgotten about. So I have also got them some gift vouchers for the theatre. I've wrapped them up in a big wicker basket with some celophane (again both of which I already had) and they look really lovley. Even if I do say so myself!
    Thankyou all so much again for the inspiration.
  12. awww, if they are not chuffed with that, they are ungrateful numpties!

  13. How could they not be chuffed with all that?!! (They may be a bit embarrassed at what they've got for you though!)
  14. That sounds like an amazing present now!
  15. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Totally ott.
    My brother gained a fourth child today and I have got him some of those rubberbands for castrating lambs.


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