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Help Please! I'm Desperate Now!! KS3 English Intervention

Discussion in 'English' started by millypad1980, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. millypad1980

    millypad1980 New commenter


    I'm an English teacher returning to school after half term after being away for almost a year on maternity leave. On my timetable I have been given 3 lessons a week of KS3 Intervention. I have no information apart from the fact that it doesn't exist at the moment and will only begin when I return!! I suspect nothing will have been organised in school with regard to groups of children, areas for development etc.

    It is difficult to plan without knowing the needs of the children I will be teaching but I was hoping someone may have an Intervention scheme which they wouldn't mind sharing with me which I could at least use as a starting point. I'm already quite anxious about returning and just want to be prepared with my planning. I want the sessions to be constructive for the pupils involved and not just an opportunity for staff to get rid of disruptive pupils!

    Furthermore, school suspects that OfSTED will pay a visit before the end of term (something which I hoped I would miss out on whilst being away on mat leave!) which obviously piles on the pressure for planning to be meticulous. Any schemes that people would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for any hep.
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Ha ha! Ofsted? Well, in a school I previously worked in one head of department got out the DfES materials and taught one of those as a lesson - got an outstanding. If the school wanted you to have a serious impact on learning rather than just ticking a box, they couldn't fail to provide data on the kids you'll be taking. If Ofsted's your only concern - find the intervention materials (aka Progress Units) online and away you go!
  3. ulysees

    ulysees New commenter

    millyypad- I empathise! Surely the school and the English dept can give you a bit more to go on?If not assume that they are at least 1, if not 2, levels below where they should be. KS3 intervention is usually aimed at those in danger of not making the 2 levels of progress benchmark therefore endangering the A*-C quota for the school.
    roamingteacher is right progress units would be useful I think teachit has them also look at geoff barton's website just put his name into google - He's a headteacher but a great English teacher and Literacy expert I have used quite a few resources and they really work.
    Look at teacher's tv stuff on TES forinspiration too and there are probably quite a few resources here you could find. If time is short try putting KS3 Intervention into google and you may find some of the one-to one resources from before the strategies website was changed.I will swap laptops in a sec as I have some saved on my school laptop and will either posr here or give you my email unless you want to pop yours on here in the meantime and I will check back later today.Hope this makes sense as my laptop is a bit jumpy!! Good luck.
  4. ulysees

    ulysees New commenter

    hurrah resources were where I thought they were - that's a first! If you leave some contact details here I will check back later and send them - unfortunately can't attch here. Not sure if it's what you want but at least it will give you something to go on there are at least 2 if not 3 units saved.
  5. ulysees

    ulysees New commenter

    Hi again,
    Just wiondering if you received email?

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