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Help please!!!!! I am a music teacher but my son has maths homework on MyMaths (yr7)!!!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by asdmumandteacher, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Its his first homework for maths and its on My Maths - the teacher has given them the pass code and stuff so he can get onto the site and he is trying to do his negative numbers homework on there but we can't see if what he is typing in is being saved - there doesn't seem to be anywhere to save his work. He has no idea how much or little he should do - it just seems like endless exercises. (Prob the teacher should have indicated this). He is VERY worried that his work is not going to save and that the teacher will think he has done nothing. (Of course I will write to the teacher to let her know all this). Does it just save the pupils work without them having to do anything? As a classroom secondary music teacher this kind of wizardry is all new to me ;)

    Cheers lovely maths colleagues
  2. Has he used two logins - ie, one for the website and then another for his personal login? Has he got any negative number task on his "Task Sheet"? ("Prob the teacher should have indicated this" - perhaps the teacher did).
  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    Has he signed in properly? I suspect not.
    He should sign into the site with the school login and password and there is a box on the left hand side of the screen that allows him to enter his four digit code and three letter password. He can then see the homework that is set for him (it won't be hundreds of pages, each piece has two pages). When he answers each page of questions, he clicks 'Mark It' and after answering both pages of questions and pressing 'Mark It' he should press 'Checkout'.
  4. Thank you for your really swift replies - wow you lot are much quicker than my friends on the music forum! He has signed in perfectly fine - I now realise you have to hit question 2 on the left hand side and then go to the checkout. In his homework diary he has just written the website and pass numbers not how many he has to do - I am surprised he hasn't written down (or been told) how many of these exercises he has to do...will keep plowing on with them. Do you like MyMaths - he does struggle with maths (level 4C) a little and doesn't always pick up or understand what he has to do. Any help from you is very gratefully received :)
  5. Brookes..sorry if you thought I was teacher bashing ("perhaps the teacher did"). I am one and have been secondary teacher for 16 years now so I know of kids who don't write things down properly. He is just so unsure of how to use this website. I wouldn't even attempt to get year 7 to get onto Sibelius or Musescore without thorough guidance. That said, he can be a bit dippy.
  6. The homework he's done - how did he decide on that one? What I mean is, has the teacher put one or two on his task sheet? ("I'm surprised he hasn't written down (or been told)..." perhaps he was told, but chose not to).

    EDIT - sorry, cross post.
  7. He doesn't have a task sheet - he just logged in and saw the relevant work (negatives) that followed on from classwork. He would have written it down particularly in the first week of year 7. I know he has for every other subject. I guess we will just keep doing them - he keeps getting 6/8 for question 2 even though he has all the answers correct...I don't understand why this is happening now..gah technology!
  8. DM

    DM New commenter

    Unless the teacher has forgotten to set the homework, your son appears to be just answering random questions. It is possible to access work that has not been set for additional practice. Can't he just ask tomorrow?
  9. When you click on the blue circle with the two arrows to the right of Online homework it gives loads and loads of other exercises to try...gah...not sure if he should be doing all of those too. I think a note in the contact book is in order for tonight so I can get to the bottom of this :)
  10. DM

    DM New commenter

    Are you sure? What is the question and your answers?
  11. Thanks DM :) Its his first time on this and all he has in his contact book is the web address and his passcode and login no other details about what he should be doing - he is just doing Q1 Using negative numbers as it seemed most relelvant to what he was doing in class.

    Cheers for all your help. I know how busy everyone is :)
  12. DM

    DM New commenter

    Your son can access every exercise on there if he wishes for self-study or revision but the teacher is not going to expect your son to do anything other than the single piece of negative numbers homework set.
  13. DM

    DM New commenter

    I think the bit you are failing to understand is that, when homework is set, the task appears as soon as you enter the second login and it tells you how many days you have left to complete this homework. If you are answering other questions, you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself and your son.
  14. Always good to know what bit I am failing to understand ;) Think have got to the bottom of it all know. Really grateful for all your help. Anytime you have children in need of knowing how to put a GCSE or A level composition together or how to complete a Bach Chorale just pop over to music and have a chat :)

    Thanks again all :)
  15. DM

    DM New commenter

    Don't be a stranger!

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