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Help please ... FS1 Interview

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by RainbowBear, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have an interview this for a nursery teacher, I have been given a small brief on what I need to do. I have to do a 20 minute CLL based activity that I feel is appropriate for FS1 children. I know the school has a high percentage of EAL children that attend so will need to consider this in my activity.
    I was thinking of reading a story, something along the lines of Barry the fish with fingers. Engaging the children by asking questions on what they think will happen next and at the end of the story asking what they liked. Then inviting them to draw/paint/collage their own fish, either barry using finger painting or anything they wish, one his friends from the book, or their own fish getting them to think about body parts we have it might have e.g. hair, legs etc. Or being able to do something special like sing or dance. Focusing on the vocabulary they use to describe the materials they're using and what they are creating.
    I have done something similar with my class before and the children loved it, but wasnt sure if this is interview worthy.
    I have another idea of using a traditional story, reading it, asking the children to then sequence it using picture cards, and then giving them puppets to explore and play with which are characters from the story.
    If anyone has any ideas or any constructive criticism I'd be very grateful.
    Many thanks
  2. Hiya.

    I love the fish idea. Is a lovely story that grabs children's imagination.
    Try and keep to one assessment focus (obviously clearly linked to development matters) so that you can clearly assess learning, note down next steps etc.

    Also how many children will you be teaching? Finger painting on a large scale (more than 8 children) will be very tricky and you won't be able to get the language assessments you'd be looking for.

    Depends what the school are looking for really - i know where i work would be looking for quality assessments and all children being engaged

    I teach F1 too btw

    Best of luck!!!
  3. Hiya,
    I will not know until tomorrow how many children I will be teaching! So mainly playing with some ideas, but I definately see what you mean about large scale finger painting and getting quality assessments especially in the space of 20 minutes. I think I'll keep thinking it through keeping to the fish idea. There's 5 other applicants all doing something based on CLL, so I'm hoping it'll be a group but as I said I'm not getting the full brief until tomorrow. I will pick my focus, write it up and think more about how it'll work in practice in regards to time constraints, quality assessments etc. Thanks for the reassurance it was a good idea ..just needs thinking through more!
    Thanks doodlem :)

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