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Help please - assessing KS3

Discussion in 'English' started by wasteland, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. wasteland

    wasteland New commenter

    I'd be very grateful for some advice.
  2. wasteland

    wasteland New commenter

    Oops! Pressed the wrong key!

    We are currently using Edexcel's KS3 exam papers to assess pupils (we are with Edexcel for the new GCSEs).

    How have you levelled these and other assessments given that they have a numerical mark? Do you allocate a level based on the number of marks e.g. 12 out of 20 is a level 4, 15 out of 20 is a level 5 etc - but this seems a little arbitrary? Edexcel make it clear that their questions aren't levelled so no help there. I can't get my head around how other teachers do this. In the past, years 7 to 9 have been given assessments that allow us to use the old KS3 levels. Can someone please advise me on what's the best thing to do? Is anyone else using the Edexcel KS3 assessments? If so, would you be willing to share your ideas. I know AQA have brought out similar tests for KS3. What do they advise their teachers?


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