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Help please! AQA Level 1/2 Children's Learning and Development

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by angelmouse75, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. angelmouse75

    angelmouse75 New commenter

    Morning, hoping someone can help me. We offered the above course to a couple of children this year as part of a bespoke timetable for a couple of boys - both the boys and their parents were really excited and we set up links with the primary school for their child.

    AQA have now decided to stop their technical awards after next summer and, more significantly, this has resulted in Hodder Education halting the publication of their textbook. I'm now left without any resources - as it was a new course to begin with, there are no past papers and no resources anywhere.
    As an Orthodox Jewish Boys school we have never had a child development course and in fact only offered this as a special case to boys on our SEN register. I have no experience in the subject but was happy to teach it with a textbook. I'm no longer happy to teach it but the Inclusion Manager is insisting and as a full-time teacher and SENCO, I just don't have time to reinvent the wheel.

    Is anyone else crazy enough to be running this course or similar who wouldn't mind sharing resources, please?

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