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Help please! Anyone using the new Nelson English series for homeschool/ tutoring?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by umaboodi, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. umaboodi

    umaboodi New commenter

    umaboodiNew commenter
    Hello All,

    I'm interested in buying the new Nelson English student and teacher books as a main resource to teach native English speakers, who are living abroad and studying a new language, but who want to keep up, to some extent, with the UK curriculum. Time is limited, so it seems a good idea to use an integrated programme with all the skills combined in one book.

    Additionally, I have some non-native learners who need help preparing for the Cambridge Primary Programme. I'd also like to be able to use the Nelson English books for these students.

    After looking extensively online, I still can't find a 'look inside' feature for any of the resources. I wanted to see how clearly information is presented and get a general idea of the format etc. I also haven't been able to find any reviews.

    So......can anyone give me some feedback about this series? Or, does anyone have suggestions for alternatives? As the books will be the main source for English, I prefer a colour, school-style student book and workbook format with explanations and annotated examples.

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